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Video: Dallas Stars Development Camp Day 3

Here are two videos from today's development camp. The quality is as good as I could get on my phone - Brandon was having some technical difficulties with his camera so we made do with what we had!

The prospects finished their session on ice with a half-ice hockey game. It was forwards versus defense, and it started with one guy from each team. They got a few chances to score on the goaltender, and the longer it went without a goal, a guy was added until it was almost 4-on-4 hockey. It was a neat drill, but was so hectic it would be difficult to get video of it and be able to understand what was going on.

This first one shows a drill where the puck is tossed into the corner and a forward and a defenseman go after it together. In the video, I captured Trevor Daley playing defense against Emil Molin. Molin actually manages to hold his own at times, but I'm not sure if Daley was going as hard as he would in a game setting.

This video is the same drill. It starts with Scott Glennie and camp invitee Cole Martin. The second pair is Jamie Oleksiak and Alex Chiasson.