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Video - Dallas Stars Development Camp Day 2

Some more video for your viewing pleasure and today I tried to get some different looks and footage of drills we didn't see yesterday. The team finished with a really fun-looking drill of 4-on-4 in half ice, but it was much too hectic to properly capture on video.

I focused primarily on the defense today and will switch to the forwards tomorrow. As such, many of the drills you'll see in the video are geared for the defensemen.

After the jump, I've listed the full roster along with what team they are on. I'll do my best to get video of Team B tomorrow.

Please note: Not every player has a number because they might have been late additions to camp and I don't remember their numbers by heart yet.

Team A Team B

60 Grant Rollheiser 35 Henri Kiviaho
31 Josh Robinson 82 Hunter Leisner
80 Max Lagace
Defense Defense
4 Brenden Dillon NA Austin Farley
84 Cole martin 39 Carter Struthers
54 Hubert Labrie 70 Craig Dalrymple
45 Jace Coyle 78 Dan Barnes
43 Jamie Oleksiak 76 Dmitry Sinitsyn
65 Jyrki Jokipakka 75 Esa Lindell
17 Luke Mercer 74 Evan McEneny
47 Patrik Nemeth Greg Johnson
42 Troy Vance 72 Ludwig Bystrom
71 Spiro Goulakos
Forwards Forwards
12 Alex Chiasson 64 Branden Troock
51 Austin Smith 61 Cason Hohmann
46 Brett Ritchie 49 Curtis McKenzie
57 Emil Molin 79 Devin Shore
68 Matej Stransky 63 Gemel Smith
20 Radek Faksa 13 Justin Kirsch
18 Reilly Smith 67 Mike Winther
15 Scott Glennie 11 Taylor Burke

TJ Foster William White