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2012 NHL Free Agency & Dallas Stars Offseason: How Do You Feel About The Changes?

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We've been discussing potential big changes for the Dallas Stars ever since Tom Gaglardi took over as new owner of the franchise, an owner who has stated he is committed to winning hockey and doing whatever it takes to bring back successful seasons to Dallas. What we never expected was such a sweeping and sudden shift in direction for the franchise, an obvious push to move away from the core players of the past few years and move forward with a focus on youth.

That focus on the youth is what has been preached by Nieuwendyk and company all summer long and when Mike Ribeiro was traded for two assets that might not be much help in the immediate future -- fans readied themselves for what could have been considered a lost season.

Instead, the Stars made a commitment not just to the future but to the immediate success of the team as well. They know that this franchise needs a boost of attention, both nationally and locally, and winning is also a big part of that. As such, the Stars could arguably be a much better team than last season after signing Ray Whitney and Jaromir Jagr, and trading for Derek Roy.

So the question we have for you is this: How do you feel about the offseason so far? Do the Stars still need to be aggressive in trade and the remainder of free agency? Have the Stars restored faith that this is a franchise newly committed to success? Let us know.