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2012 NHL Free Agency: Ryan Suter, & Perhaps Zach Parise, To Make Decision Today

This doesn't have a direct impact on the Dallas Stars today, but it certainly might have a significant one over the next ten years or so. Parise and Suter have been rumored to be working in tandem and could be joining the same team -- possibly the Minnesota Wild, believed to be one of only two teams able to sign both players to their incredible contract demands.

It has been rumored that both are seeking in excess of ten years and $90 million for their contracts, and as this saga has continued both have received incredible criticism for drawing out this decision and keeping so many from moving forward. Parise claims he should not be compared to LeBron, but if it's true that he's been working with Suter on this -- it's tough not to think of that somewhat similar situation.

The big question is all of this, of course, is whether either player is worthy of such a contract and such attention. Both are very good players that are taking advantage of a very weak year in free agency -- but both will be paid to be the best the NHL has to offer.

The Wild or the Red Wings -- two teams that are going to be future division rivals for the Stars. Who do you want to win the Sweepstakes?