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Your Nominations: Top Dallas Stars Players & Games Of Past 20 Years

The Defending Big D crew is taking a mini-vacation here at the end of July, so we apologize for the lack of posts this weekend. However, this coming week we are excited to kick off a comprehensive countdown of the top players and games in franchise history as we approach the 20-year anniversary of the Stars coming to Dallas.

Our criteria was simple: Who are the top 20 players for this team since coming to Dallas, and what were the top 10 regular season games and top 10 playoff games?

We already have our lists worked out and coming to a consensus was not easy. For one, how to do you quantify "top players" for a franchise over a 20 year span, especially when a number of those players are still with the team. Should nostalgia over the Cup run have precedence over the short-term success and overall potential of current players? Should memorable losses still count as the top games from this team over the past 20 years?

What I'm interested in is hearing what the readers think. I'm excited for this countdown over the next month or so, because I know for a fact this is going to create some great debate amongst the Stars faithful.

Who are the top 20 players in Dallas Stars history? What games stick out the most in your mind? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check in tomorrow as we kick off the countdown with our #20 players in franchise history.