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Video: Dallas Stars Scrimmage From Final Day Of Development Camp

Editor's Note: This post is from Michael Haake, otherwise known around here as trillmike. He attended the scrimmage today at the Dallas Stars Development Camp and was kind enough to not only film it, but create this great post to go along with the footage.

Earlier today marked the end of the 2012 Dallas Stars Development camp. Stars fans in attendance (along with all of you fine folks at Defending Big D) got a glimpse at the future of the team. The closing day of camp was perhaps the most exciting day to watch. Prospects and players worthy of being given a camp invite scrimmaged against each other in 3-on-3, 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 scenarios.

Due to the immense file size of filming the entire event in HD, I have split the 3 sessions into separate videos. You will probably notice that some parts of the video were shaky. Unfortunately there was no room for a tripod in the stands. If you missed the announcement last week, or just want to get refreshed on who is who, a PDF of the prospect roster can be found here.

Some players that you guys should look for are:

Forwards: 12 Alex Chiasson, 20 Radek Faksa, 15 Scott Glennie, 57 Emil Molin, 46 Brett Ritchie, 51 Austin Smith, 63 Gemel Smith and 18 Reilly Smith.

Defensemen: 72 Ludvig Bystrom, 4 Brenden Dillon, 65 Jyrki Jokipakka, 47 Patrick Nemeth, 43 Jamie Oleksiak and 42 Troy Vance.

Goalies: 1 Jack Campbell, 34 Tyler Beskorowany and 41 Christopher Nihlstorp

Editor's Note: It's tough to tell which goaltender is which just by number, so here's my attempt at discription by pads. Campbell and Besko both have matching white w/ gold trim Vaughns, Campbell is still wearing his USA helmet. Nihlstorp has mostly dark green pads. Rollheiser is Red/White pads. Kiviaho has "KARELLA" across both leg pads.


More video and thoughts after the jump



Final Score:
Team Black 17, Team White 11

Who stood out
Even though this was just a day of scrimmages, a few players really impressed me. Dillon looked like an absolute stud today. His skating ability and puck handling make him look NHL-ready. Austin Smith scored 4 or 5 goals. He and Glennie looked really good together. Someone who I didn't expect to impress me was Emil Molin. He has really good awareness and showed that he is an above average puck handler.

In my opinion, Oleksiak underperformed today. He and Curtis McKenzie actually dropped the gloves, but were stopped right away by Brent Severyn (you can see that within the first minute of the 5-on-5 video). Vance and Nemeth both looked great today also. Gemel Smith had tremendous speed, but needs to get better at possessing the puck.

The style of play was all rush. Defense did not seem to be a priority.

About me

My name is Michael Haake. I grew up playing hockey in DFW. I am an avid Stars fan and a proud member of Defending Big D.