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Derek Roy Out Until November After Shoulder Surgery

From Mike Heika:

This is mind-numbing. The Dallas Stars took a big but calculated risk when they traded Steve Ott and Adam Pardy to the Buffalo Sabres, in exchange for center Derek Roy. The risk was in the fact that Roy was not only coming off a sub-par season due to injury but that he only has one year remaining on his contract, compared to Ott's two. This means that there is a legitimate chance the Stars gave up a valuable player in Ott in exchange for a one-year rental of a second-line center.

Now, it turns out that the Stars are likely to lose two months of that rental as Roy is reported to have have surgery today and will likely be out until late November. This makes the calculated trade all the more frustrating, especially if the Stars knew that this shoulder injury existed; doctors for both sides have to approve of the health of the players before the NHL will ok the trade.

We'll have more information and analysis on this soon.