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DBD Poll: How Would You Feel About Off-Topic Posts?

We have a lot of time to fill over the next few months and when the excitement over free agency dies down and everyone heads out of town on vacation, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring new content to the site every day. We have some very exciting stuff planned for this summer, especially considering the 20-year anniversary of the Stars coming to Dallas is just around the corner, but I've been kicking around the idea of expanding the topics covered on the front page -- if only for the offseason.

I've been writing about sports for as long as I can remember but before that I had always wanted to be a fiction writer or a film critic. As the summer progresses and Stars news become harder to stumble upon, I've thought about the idea of expanding my writing here on the site to cover various fun and interesting topics. I think this would give us some new topics to debate and could be a bit of fresh air from time to time when the long weeks of August are upon us.

They would not be all that frequent and would likely have more to do with pop culture than anything; essays on movies, television, books, etc. I've also had a request to write about my time in the Navy, although I'm not sure what you guys would want to know.

My question to you, the readers of this blog, is whether you'd be interested in such a thing at all. Vote in the poll let us know in the comments.