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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Two Views Of Qualifying Tom Wandell

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It's not often you get two of the more respected names in Dallas Stars media publicly debating the merits of a decision, but that's what happened Monday afternoon as word came down that the Stars had indeed extended a qualifying offer to Tom Wandell.

In this corner, in the red sweater vest, is Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News. As you'll see in his full column after the jump, he doesn't quite follow the Stars logic in guaranteeing a one-way contract and $892,000 to the Swedish center.

@MikeHeika: With Eakin in, I just don't see where Wandell fits. But I guess we'll see.

To which Stepneski, with the blue reporter's notebook in the far corner, replied:

@andrewsdsp: Seriously, he's an asset. Why would you just let him walk?

This was the return volley from Heika:

@MikeHeika: Same reason you look back and wonder why they signed Krys Barch or Adam Pardy. What if he doesn't fit and you're stuck wth him?

And they went from there. It was an interesting discussion, one you'll see reflected in Heika's column which is coming up....

After the jump, the aforementioned Heika column, Bob Sturm says goodbye to Mike Ribeiro and maybe this CBA thing will go a little smoother than we'd feared. A girl can dream, can't she?

  • Here's the Heika column that likely spawned from that Twitter discussion. You can see distinct echos of both of their arguments in his discussion of the Wandell offer. Technology is such a wonderful thing. []
  • There's no question that the ultimate goal of any sport is to win. But there's also a certain amount of appreciation I have for people who play sports, from hockey to soccer to whatever, in what could be considered a beautiful and entertaining way. For all his warts, Mike Ribeiro could certainly do that, and that's what Bob Sturm will miss about him. [Fox Sports Southwest]
  • This article about Gemel Smith being drafted by the Dallas Stars reads like it was written by a radio guy, which it almost certainly was. But the auto file attached to the story is pretty nice and worth a listen. [Bayshore Broadcasting]
  • Another second-day pick, Branden Troock, got this brief write up in a local paper. [Kent Reporter]
  • Back when he was scoring goals for the Dallas Stars and being a part of one of the better weekly radio shows in Stars history, Bill Guerin was also a member of the NHLPA executive committee involved in the last CBA Armageddon. He offers some insight into the process and offers a teeny, tiny glimpse of hope for this go-round. []
  • The first quote or two in this story about the upcoming CBA negotiations admittedly scare me. But the quote from Donald Fehr about being able to start play under the old rules even if negotiations extend into the fall is something I hadn't considered. Hope? Only you can decide. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The Winnipeg Jets were so pleased with goalie Ondrej Pavelec, or so scared to have to find another competent goalie, that they signed him to a five-year, $19.5 million extension. Somewhere, Kari Lehtonen is smiling and doing the Mr. Burns fingers. [Windsor Star]
  • On the other side of the coin, Bobby Ryan is not a happy bunny with the Anaheim Ducks. Given that the Stars are a divisional rival, at least for now, I don't see them sending him to Dallas for anything short of a complete overpayment, but you never know... [Courier Post]
  • So in my daily "funny" spot, I'm not even going to reach for the usual humor sight or some parody article. No, today I present to you the New York Islanders, who were allegedly prepared to trade an entire draft's worth of picks to move up two spots in the first round. That's, um, an interesting bit. [Puck Rakers Blog]
  • Okay, if you want to laugh with someone rather than at someone (okay, so it's at someone now, but when these kids grow up, they will laugh at it too), Puck Daddy presents the most awkward photos from the NHL draft. [Puck Daddy]
  • So eventually I will get away from video about this year's draft (at which point we can hit archived draft footage and laugh at the terrible haircuts and stutters of years past), but I rather enjoyed this look behind the scenes of what kept Radek Faksa busy after he was selected in the first round. Plus bonus Greg Ramirez and Heika hard at work. What more could you want?