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Dallas Stars Select C Mike Winther With The 54th Pick Of The 2012 NHL Draft

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The Stars went to the WHL and picked up underrated centre Mike Winther. He is smaller than some of the picks that we saw last year but he is simular to the style to Tyler Kennedy. He has excellent skating ability and is very much a goal scoring forward.

Mike Winther

Centre / Prince Albert Raiders - WHL




Hometown: Trochu, AB

Shoots: Left

GP G A P +/- PIM
Prince Albert Raiders 2010-11 61
9 1
10 -11
Prince Albert Raiders 2011-12 71 32
-9 59
Canada U18 7 1 1 2 0 4

Mike Winther has the potential to end up being a top 9 goal scoring forward. He is slightly smaller than would be ideal but has time to grow. He's not a playmaker but instead is a reasonably talented sniper. Several seasons ago his weakness was that he didn't use his teammates enough however this is no longer the case and he is a team player.

Mike Winther has the potential to become an all rounder with the ability to play both the PK and PP. He does shy away from the physical gritty game due to his lack of size. He will need to work on his upper body strength in order to become an effective player at the nhl level. However he makes up this weakness with good hands and excellent skating ability.

Scouting Quotes:


Scouting Report:
Winther was drafted out of bantam as a player who can think the game at high speeds and be a potent playmaker. Those skills continued through midget but things started to change when he made it to the WHL. Over the past two seasons Winther has become more of a goal scoring threat than a playmaker. His linear speed affords him a ton of opportunities in both zone play and off the rush. He is at his best when he has the puck on his stick and handles it with a ton of confidence. He loves to attack on the rush and isn't afraid to attack one on one. He started to use his linemates more effectively
as the season progressed. He is very intense and quick around the puck and can prove extremely difficult to deny space off the attack when he has the puck.
NHL Potential:
Offensive depth with PP and PK potential because of speed.

Hockey Prospect

Speedy forward whose strength is to play the game at a very high level. Winther was a bright spot on a not so good Prince Albert team this year, and provided a lot of offense for the team.
Winther is more of a perimeter player that likes to strike with a quick shot. He gets into a good shoot- ing position and quickly snaps them home when given the opportunity. He needs to improve his play along the boards and be a more physical presence to be a more effective player. He has the shot, skat- ing and vision to be a good player, but Winther tends to shy away from physical contact.
Defensively, Winther keeps his position well and uses his skating to his advantage. He pressures the point well and makes them hurry with their decisions. He rarely gets beat to the net as his skating al- lows him keep up with his opponents. Just like in the offensive zone, Winther needs to use his body more and be a physical presence if he wants to have a good pro career.

Future Considerations

SCOUTING REPORT: Smooth skating speedster with a great shot. Has quick feet, ex- plosive acceleration and the ability to beat defenders wide or cut back to the middle for a chance with his low base balance. His lateral agility is incredible. There are deficien- cies in his game however as he lacks upper body strength and gets thrown off the puck too often. Has great hand skills, above average intelligence and lightning quick release on his wrist shot. He is an excellent passer and set-up man who can control the puck at top speed, drawing the defenders attention before dishing to an open teammate. He is highly effective when he plays a high intensity game, but does not always do so. Not nearly gritty enough as he shy's away from most physical contact and gets knocked off the puck when he does engage. His shift to shift consistency is also a negative aspect but if he can gain more functional strength and improve his consistency he has some real talent.