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Dallas Stars Live Draft Thread: 8 Picks In Rounds 2-7

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Mike Ribeiro is gone. Radek Faksa and Cody Eakin are Dallas Stars, and yet the fun is just barely getting started. Dallas will fill out organizational needs today with three second round picks, selecting talented forwards and defensemen, and we assume a goaltender somewhere in the later rounds.

Stars day two picks:

Second Round: Ludvig Bystrom (D), Mike Winther (C), Devin Shore (C)
Third Round: Esa Lindell (D)
Fourth Round: 104
Fifth Round: 134, 144
Sixth Round: None
Seventh Round: 194

The action starts at 9:00am on NHL Network in the United States, where they'll carry TSN's coverage. Those guys think every single pick is a steal!

Will the Stars try to move up to the front of the second round with a couple of these extra picks? Grab a beer (it's 2:30pm where Radek Faksa is from) and let's talk draft...