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Dallas Stars Extend Qualifying Offers To Jamie Benn, Philip Larsen

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What is to become of Tom Wandell?
What is to become of Tom Wandell?

The Dallas Stars announced today that they have extended qualifying offers to Jamie Benn and Philip Larsen. Yesterday the club announced qualifying offers for six others, and included a list of players that definitively did not, and presumably would not get qualifying offers.

As the club discussed in January, and again in May, and as we recapped in May here (Dallas Stars Remain Patient Yet Confident With Jamie Benn Contract Negotiations) there is no reason to think that Jamie Benn's contract won't get done - It's just likely going to happen after the new CBA is signed, and that could be well into September or beyond.

Philip Larsen's negotiations could go the same way, and it could be for this reason that their qualifying offers were slightly delayed. The offers themselves are a technicality. Paperwork that must be filed with the league to retain their rights.

So the total list of players receiving offers is: Jamie Benn, Philip Larsen, Richard Bachman, Jordie Benn, Mark Fistric, Ryan Garbutt, Luke Gazdic, Colton Sceviour.

The list of players the Stars say did not receive an offer is: Angelo Esposito, Mikhail Stefanovich, Michael Neal and Jake Hauswirth.

Tom Wandell's name is not yet on either list, meaning the Stars are still deciding between as many as three or four different scenarios ranging from 1.) Sign him now 2.) Tender an offer and negotiate later when Benn and Larsen do 3.) Let him go 4.) Trade his rights. Your guess is as good as anyone else's right now, but I would be very surprised if they didn't at least qualify Wandell soon.

Souray Offer Never Happened: Mike Heika also let one other nugget loose out there today as he reported on Twitter that the Stars discussed an offer like that (one year, $3 million), but never officially extended it, so Souray could still be very much in play for them.