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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Les Jackson Ready To Head Dallas Stars Draft

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There have been lots of moves in the front office over the past few years, from all the business moves made after the ownership switch to coaches and general managers.

But none will have a larger impact in the coming days than the shift in responsibility in the scouting department. Last fall, long-time director of amateur scouting Tim Bernhardt was let go, and the primary scouting responsibility was shifted to Les Jackson.

Jackson regularly played a large role in scouting in the past, but this will be the first year the ultimate recommendation falls on his shoulders, as Mike Heika details in this paywalled article.

"We operate as a team, and we trust the work that our guys do in the field," said Jackson, adding that the team doesn’t put that much emphasis on the recent combine because it’s a snapshot vs. hundreds of games of scouting accumulated over the year.

"So, yes, there does have to be one guy in the end who makes a final recommendation, but it’s not without tons of help and hours and hours of research."

After the jump, bringing more 2011 draftees in to the fold, even more ruminations on the draft and name that highlight.

  • More minor signings before the draft and free agency. This time, it's two draftees from 2011 in Emil Molin and Jyrki Jokipakka, both to ELCs. []
  • There are some pretty solid quotes in this article about the upcoming entry draft. However, I can't really say I agree with all the editorial inferences by the author. I think the ones I'm talking about will jump out at you pretty quickly. [Fox Sports Southwest]
  • Still more people are getting in on the mock draft trend. This article (with obnoxiously autoplaying video) details picks 13-15, which obviously includes Dallas. [The Hockey News]
  • Vernon Fiddler is home for the summer and still doing fun things in the community. []
  • I'm sure there were a lot of these list out there on Sunday, but this Father's Day-inspired list of best father/son athlete duos does feature the most obvious of the former Stars for this honor. [Athlon Sports]
  • Harrison Mooney (of both Puck Daddy and Pass It To Bulis fame) often writes fun pieces like hockey hugs and any number of Sedin twin jokes. But this article on the hidden difficulties of being the first openly gay player in the NHL was really insightful and well written. No matter your thoughts on the subject, it's worth a read just to evaluate the unspoken standard that hockey players, above all things, must not make waves by being different. [Puck Daddy]
  • The folks over at Backhand Shelf say goodbye to yet another hockey season. [Backhand Shelf]
  • If I had my way, Neil Patrick Harris would host every awards show in existence, including the NHL Awards. But since that would tire even him out, I guess we'll have to rely on the folks over at DGB to fill us in on how the hunt for a host is going. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Today's flashback involves mullets, Curtis Joseph and neither Ralph nor Razor on the call of something that has been accomplished only once in Stars history. Internet points to you if you can identify what that is before watching the video.