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Report: Sheldon Souray Turns Down One-Year, $3 Million Offer From Stars?

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Sheldon Souray has reportedly turned down a one-year, $3 million contract offer from the Dallas Stars today per a report from Andy Strickland, radio host with 590 The Fan and founder of He tweeted this today about two hours ago...

Told Sheldon Souray has rejected a one year offer believed to be worth $3 million from the Dallas ‪#stars‬ [Twitter]

As usual, take all unconfirmed "news" like this with a big grain of salt.

Speculation has swirled all off-season about Souray's future with the club after he was such a big part of the Stars' blue line last year. Stars owner Tom Gaglardi remarked in May "I really favor a young, fast team, but having said that you do need guys like Shelly around so it will be an interesting decision for the club."

IF this report is true then the Dallas Stars appear to have decided that they do indeed want Souray back for another season, but only one season, and that's likely the sticking point here.

Souray made $1.65 last season, so this contract offer nearly doubles his salary, but Mr. Wonderbomb is probably looking for a second year. With the free agent class being as thin as it is, there's a possibility he could get more money and term on the open market when the frenzy begins in 16 days. He comes with risk, of course, being hurt at times last season and being over the age of 35 (meaning his contract, whatever it is, will be paid one way or the other).

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One year and $3 million is a reasonable offer for the Stars, and in this climate, taking a look at the open market is a reasonable thing for Sheldon Souray to do as well. The two sides still have two weeks to come to an agreement, but it seems likely that he'll explore what's out there, and if things are amicable, perhaps give the Stars another chance to match competing offers.

"I really like it here," Souray told the media in April. "I don't want to leave."

The Stars, if this is true, evidently want him to stay too, but want to be cautious. It's just one of the many items of intrigue that will play out in the next three weeks as the NHL's off-season starts to get truly fun.