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Stargazing Episode #27: Brenden Dillon Discusses His Path To The NHL

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We've taken a bit of an extended break from the podcast since the season ended, but we're back with an incredible new episode of Stargazing as we welcome Dallas Stars prospect Brenden Dillon to the show. The defenseman discussed his path to the NHL; how he was overlooked in the WHL and NHL drafts and how truly finding his strengths as a player has led him to becoming the top AHL defensive prospect in the Stars system.

Dillon is very honest and forthcoming in this episode, discussing the differences between the AHL and the NHL and specifically -- the differences in systems between Austin and Dallas. We have a feature article on Dillon coming tomorrow, but this interview provides great insight into the life of one of the top prospects in the Stars organization.

Stephen Meserve of Hundred Degree Hockey also joins us on the show to discuss some of the interesting Stars news of the past week as well as his thoughts on some of the Stars prospects and their future potential.

You can listen to the show here. You can also download it off of iTunes!

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