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Dallas Stars Top 5 All Time Highlights (Video)

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With the Los Angeles Kings lifting the Stanley Cup last night after dominating the New Jersey Devils in Game Six, it's only natural for Dallas Stars fans to think back to the feelings we experienced watching Mike Modano, Derian Hatcher, Sergei Zubov and company kissing the Cup way back in 1999.

It seems so long ago yet also just the other day, as I can vividly remember the stress and intensity of watching overtime in that Game Six against the Sabres and then running as fast as I could down the stairs when Hull scored...the dogs barking like crazy as we jumped around the room in joy.

Across SB Nation the past few weeks, blogs covering every team and every sport have been discussing the top highlights in franchise or team history. For the Stars, it's easy to say that winning the Stanley Cup all those years ago is easily the best highlight we've had since the NHL came to Dallas. As such, I thought it would be more interesting to list off what I feel are the top highlights for the team not involving that Stanley Cup-winning moment.

After the jump, my personal Top 5 highlights from the Dallas Stars history. Later this summer we'll be running a series of posts for Stars fans to vot on the consensus all-time highlights but for now -- here are my picks.

5. Steve Ott's game-winning goal in OT, versus Colorado Avalanche, April 4, 2004

When this game was played I was two weeks away from departing on a long overseas deployment and we were facing an entire season without hockey. The Stars had suffered through a few disappointing years that culminated in Ken Hitchcock being fired and Dave Tippett's eventual hiring. While the Stars would win just one game in the 2004 series against the Avalanche, this goal by Steve Ott helped fans briefly relive the glory of the 1999 and 2000 Cup years; if only we knew at the time just how precious moments like these would truly become.

4. Joe Nieuwendyk's 3OT goal, versus Edmonton Oilers, April 27, 1999

The Stars were the best team in hockey in 1999 but there were still questions lingering about their ability to be successful in the postseason. Eddie Belfour had doubts lingering over his head and the Stars were a team that apparently had come close to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998 but stumbled against the mighty Red Wings in the conference Finals. Nieuwendyk's game-winning goal in triple overtime to seal the series win showed the Stars were serious once more about taking a run at the Cup.

Here are the highlights from that game:

3. Fight Night In Chicago, December 31, 1993

It was the first season for the Stars in Dallas and the team certainly carried over the rivalries from their time in Minnesota. This included a bitter rivalry with the Blackhawks and if you know anything about Shane Churla, you know there were some monster fights involving the master pugilist and those from Chicago. This was the game I remember thinking to myself "I freaking LOVE this team."

2. Mike Modano's Final Home Game, April 8, 2010

I'm sure everyone remembers this moment.

1. Brenden Morrow's 4OT Game-Winning Goal

We talk about this moment a lot around here and while it's almost cliche by now to say that this is the biggest Stars moment of the past 10 years, it's incredible to consider just how important this winning goal was. This specific game and that series against the Sharks created a new generation of hockey and Stars fans and for those that were there, it's likely the best sports moment of their lives.