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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Alex Chiasson Still Growing Into Himself

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In the first of the summer Dallas Stars news lulls, between the end of the regular season and the real wind-up for the NHL draft, even the official site is reaching a little bit into their archives for news at this point.

But given that Alex Chiasson is the subject of such hope for the future, it's still interesting to revisit what many around him think of his development curve to this point and in the near future.

The tall right wing signed his first professional contract at the end of last season and has filled in a bit during his years at Boston University. But one of the biggest hurdles for a young, physical forward to clear is the sheer bulk needed to play at the NHL level - one of the things that leads to quick jumps is someone who has already filled in quite a bit at a young age, like Mr. Jamie Benn. Others, like young Loui Eriksson or even Steve Ott, take longer to fill out their frames, and that appears to be one of the things the Stars are watching closely for with Chiasson.

"He could probably play at 220 or so, and he probably will at some point," (Les) Jackson said. "When he’s 24 or 25, he’ll be at full maturity and he’ll be a handful to deal with. He’s got a big body, but right now his mind is more advanced than his body – and that’s not a bad thing. He’s a smart guy who’s got a mind for hockey."

After the jump, catching up with several former Stars, hope (oh futile, futile hope) still lives that the Los Angeles Kings might not win the Stanley Cup and Don Cherry is, well, Don Cherry.

  • Ice Girls are the source of much contention among fans, but if it's always been your dream to be one (and hey, the perks are nice enough that I wouldn't blame you), then they Stars have announced auditions for next years team. []
  • This expansive notes package falls into Stars-related news because of the mention of Brett Hull and his possible role with the St. Louis Blues at the bottom. But I find the top note, about Georges Laraque attempting a comeback, personally more interesting. Not that I want the Stars to sign him, but he's always struck me as an intriguing blend of fighter and intellectual. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Ever wonder what Ron Tugnutt is up to these days? The one-time Stars backup goalie is busy trying to groom the next generation of Canadian goalies. [Calgary Herald]
  • In other former Stars news, Jeff Halpern and his constant stick slapping on the penalty kill will not be back with the Washington Capitals. [Washington Post]
  • Also possibly departing the NHL is Ondrej Pavelec. But the rumored offer from the KHL better be good, because I suspect the Winnipeg Jets would rather like to keep him. []
  • As we turn to the blessedly-already-eliminated San Jose Sharks, we find that they have traded for the rights to defenseman Brad Stuart by sending another pending UFA, Andrew Murray, and a 2014 conditional pick to the Detroit Red Wings. [San Jose Sharks]
  • As for that..... other Pacific Division team still alive in the playoffs, the Kings have run into their first minor stumbling block as the New Jersey Devils have fought back to make it a 3-2 series. But the Kings, or at least goalie Jonathan Quick, aren't worried just yet. [Puck Daddy]
  • I love sports. I'm all for taking them seriously, especially at the professional level. But when a junior coach is suspended for telling his players they could stay home and study for exams rather than attending an opening ceremony and he is then suspended for a full season? That might be taking it a wee bit too far. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Don Cherry wore a semi-normal suit for his Saturday appearance on Hockey Night in Canada. Unfortunately for any fans of the metric system, that apparently means he brought the extra crazy.