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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Tom Gaglardi Sees a Day Where Stars "Hold Training Camps Throughout Texas"

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The Dallas Stars announced this January that their training camp (in a CBA equipped perfect world, that is) will take place this September in Boise, Idaho - Home of the Idaho Steelheads. This is after their last two were held in the small maritime province of Prince Edward Island.

Some have made their feelings known that Dallas Stars training camp would ideally be held somewhere conveniently accessed by the majority of Dallas Stars fans. Evidently Tom Gaglardi shares a similar view point. brings us brief quotes from Mr. Gaglardi this week on the new owner's feelings about training camp and where it should be held, as they asked him if he'd consider bringing it to the home of the Blazers, also owned by Gaglardi...

"I don't think bringing training camp to Kamloops is going to sell a whole lot of season tickets for the Dallas Stars, although I'd certainly love to do it." [...] "I really foresee a day where we'll hold our training camps throughout Texas, which is where our fan base is. That's the logical place to do it."

Along these lines, the Stars are scheduled to hold a pre-season game against the Florida Panthers in San Antonio, TX this September (again, if there is a very TIMELY CBA in place...)

Training camp in a locale accessible by car is an idea with a powerful hold on this blogger's imagination. Is that what's best for the team? The players are on record saying that they appreciate going up north for a bonding experience. Most NHL teams train at home. Which is better, and should the Stars market themselves as Texas' team all over the state in Septembers to come?

After the jump - Bob Sturm grades the defense. Where does Loui Eriksson's contract rank among the best in the league? Kings hate, Brenden Dillon love, and more...


  • Bob Sturm does a little off-season Stars' blogging here with a look at the defensive core, player by player. Bob raises an interesting question about Philip Larsen in wondering what his ceiling is and what his second full year in the NHL will look like. We talk about who the Stars might sign and which kids could take a next step all the time...Could Philip Larsen take a big step next season and really provide a pleasant surprise? [Fox Sports Southwest]
  • Jeff Angus has a new blog, though you might know him better from Dobber Hockey. Here he discusses what the best contracts in the NHL are, and has Loui Eriksson's deal ranked as #6 in the league. When you look at who he has ranked above him, I think you'll agree it's pretty hard to argue with. THis is a list players agents' probably don't want to be on, but that certain General Managers should be happy with. [Angus Certified]
  • Speaking of Jeff, he also wrote a lengthy piece on Brenden Dillon last week here at Dobber Hockey. It uses quotes and observations we've posted here over the course of the last 12 months or so, but offers an excellent refresher in it's entirety if you're looking to contemplate this team's blue line. [Dobber Hockey]
  • Nick Lidstrom's retirement throws Detroit into the pool of teams looking for a quality defenseman this off-season (though I think that list was already 30 teams long...) and this is just one of about 3,000 posts to be written all over the net about Detroit and Ryan Suter. []
  • In this "Thursday Morning Cupcheck" Todd takes a look at some numbers pertaining (or not) to this Stanley Cup Final matchup and has plenty of disparaging things to say about the Kings, which entertains us greatly. [Pegasus News]
  • In case you missed it yesterday, Josh tried to put the penalty troubles of the Stars last season into context yesterday here on the site. These kinds of posts often slip through the cracks because of the numbers involved but I think there's great insight here. Check it out in case you missed it. [Defending Big D]
  • Ratings for game 1 of the Finals was down 25% from last year's opener between Boston and Vancouver. Lack of national appeal due to the franchises involved, or does seemingly more icing calls than shots on goal in the first period have something to do with it? [Puck Daddy]
  • And now, for absolutely no reason at all.... Derian Hatcher and Brendan Shanahan wailing on each other...

B. Shanahan vs. D. Hatcher (via SkaRocksteady)