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2012 IIHF World Championships Video: Loui Eriksson Assists Twice For Sweden

The entire young core of the Dallas Stars, as identified by Joe Nieuwendyk (Jamie Benn, Loui Eriksson, Alex Goligoski, Kari Lehtonen) continue to play on in the 2012 IIHF World Championships along with Richard Bachman, Tomas Vincour and Philip Larsen, and thankfully all remain healthy. Knock on wood.

Finland earned their second 1-0 shutout of the tournament yesterday but Kari Lehtonen sat and watched in favor of Petri Vehanen in net. With Finland looking like a strong bet to go far I'm sure we'll see Kari get some more action and it will be interesting to see how he performs in something akin to a high pressure situations.

Richard Bachman continues to sit in favor of Jimmy Howard for team USA - Who beat Canada 5-4 in overtime yesterday, thank you very much. Unfortunately you had to catch that one 7 hours tape delayed because NBC Sports needed to bring you hours and hours of pre-game coverage regarding short men riding horses around in a circle for two minutes.

Alex Goligoski was a +1 in that game and had no points. Tomas Vincour continues to sit for the Czech Republic. Jamie Benn was pointless in Canada's loss.

Loui Eriksson, however, had two assists in Sweden's 4-1 victory over the Czech Republic, both of which you can see here.