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2012 Stanley Cup Final Predictions: Los Angeles Kings vs New Jersey Devils

The hockey season, at long last, is sadly down to it's final four-to-seven games. Some are eager to move on and get to the draft and free agency. Some realize that with a CBA stand-off staring hockey fans in the face, this might be a series to relish and enjoy as much as possible, not knowing when we'll see more. Will Dustin Brown be allowed to touch the Cup? Is there any way in the world Zach Parise really leaves now? (No.) The Devils have been impressive, but how will they match up against an absolute machine in L.A.?

One thing is for sure: The Kings are heavy favorites, and we don't deviate from that much here. Tell us your predictions in the comments...

(6) New Jersey Devils vs (8) Los Angeles Kings


Brandon: Trying to decide between who I want to win and who I think is going to win is a tough proposition. The Kings have absolutely steamrolled their way to the Cup Finals and look to be near-unstoppable after the trade for Jeff Carter took their team to a whole new level. The Kings outmatch the Devils in nearly every way: defensively, offensively and especially in goal. I really like the emotion and drive we've seen from the Devils this postseason but I think the Kings are going to be too much. Kings in 6.

Josh: The Kings have been an unstoppable machine since they picked up Jeff Carter. They have too much fire power for NJ. Kings in 5.

Huw: The Kings appears to be on an unstoppable roll through the playoffs having only lost two(!) games so far. The Kings are clicking and it will take a beyond perfect Devils team to beat them. The Devils will give them some trouble though and double the Kings loss total. Kings in 6

After the jump, someone picks the Devils!

Erin: While the Los Angeles Kings have basically steamrolled through the first three rounds, I think the New Jersey Devils have had work the tougher road. The Vancouver Canucks probably were the tougher first-round opponent despite their goalie issues, but the St. Louis Blues and Phoenix Coyotes to me don't compare with two of the Cup favorites in the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers. I'll admit that I'm probably biased too, because the thought of Dustin Brown hoisting the Cup makes me want to puke. But in a series like this, I'll take the goalie that's been there before every time. Give me the Devils in six.

Taylor: The Devils managed to effectively shut down the New York Rangers' high offense weapons last round - Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards combined for only one goal. They also beat arguably one of the best goaltenders in the post season in Henrik Lundquist. They have a pretty effective powerplay. I don't think they're as bad off as some may think. I refuse to root for Los Angeles, even if they have steamrolled their way to the finals, so give me Devils in 6 - and OT in every single game.

Brad: So the Kings are still here, huh? That's obnoxious. The team that won fewer games this season than the Stars did is in the Finals for the second time in about 40 years. Quite an accomplishment. Should I keep going with the petulant, bitter thing or should I just end this? The Devils looked good, but the Rangers looked tired. Very tired. Add that to the customary discounting of whatever's going out East as junior varsity and look at how the Kings dismantled the Blues, Canucks, and that other team they played... I can hardly remember them now they were so spare and mediocre.... Anyway, it should be Kings in 6, and 5 wouldn't surprise anyone. Movie stars, reality television personalities and a region of drug users will never have been so pleased with their first ever hockey experience.