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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jack Campbell Talks 'Mental Side' Of Game; Kings Fans Solicit Support? Modano a Spurs Fan?

Good Morning, Dallas Stars fans. Erin is moving this week and as such it falls to me to edify and entertain today where interesting hockey links are concerned. We start with a quote our friend Mark got down in Cedar Park at the end of the Texas Stars' season from one Mr. Jack Campbell that struck me as interesting.

You know his story well by now. Good American dude, led the U.S.A to glory at the World Junior Championships, taken very high by the Stars, but has been up and down since in Canadian Juniors with two teams. He's developed a bit of a reputation (or perhaps just speculation) as a "big game goalie", or that similarly he is "situationally motivated." His strong performance with a bad Texas team at the AHL level to end last season didn't help to dispel this notion.

"I'll leave it at this: I learned a lot and I've taken a lot from it, more from the mental side of it. I am ready to move on," Campbell said. [ESPN Dallas]

Anyone is going to naturally gear up for a big challenge when it presents itself and be, perhaps, a little more motivated than they'd be otherwise. It could also be that Canadian Junior hockey is somewhat unpredictable and Jack's teams weren't that great in front of him.

Either way, consistency and an "every day" approach will be key to his development into what everyone hopes will be an NHL goaltender. His talent and physical gifts are undeniable. "the mental side of it" is going to be his biggest enemy next season in an 80 game AHL schedule. Read the rest of Mark's entry and quotes from Jack here.

After the jump... Johnny Oduya re-ups with Chicago, Kings fans are trying to get you to root for them, Hockey's Future evaluates Jamie Oleksiak, and Mike Modano is a...really big Spurs fan? Huh?

  • Interesting news out of Chicago this week as Johhny Oduya re-ups with the Blackhawks. Stars fans may not have had their eye on the 30-year old defensemen but every potential UFA re-signed in the off-seaosn just thins the market that much more, dampening enthisuasm for the free agency period. Teams continue to decide that a known quantity is more desireable than playing an expensive game in July. Resurrect the Sheldon Souray converation once again here. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • "5 Reasons You Should Root For the Los Angeles Kings" by our friends at Jewels From The Crown. If the Stars were in the Finals I think I'd be a little busy to be soliciting blog readers to rally to our cause, but as this has been written I think we have no choice but to respond with the "The Top 5 Dustin Brown Dives Of All Time" sometime later this week. [JFTC]
  • Hockeys Future has a brief round-up here of what some of the Stars prospects did in their respective playoff seasons at various levels. Here Mike Farkas says that Jamie Oleksiak "doesn't possess a ton of confidence with the puck when forecheckers are buzzing around him in his own zone." Not having watched Jamie play much I couldn't say whether that's the case or not, but it's not something I enjoy reading. Just one man's opinion, of course. [Hockey's Future]
  • We've probably made mention of this before in this space but it's worth noting again as it comes across Google News with this new piece written by the Calgary Herald. Dallas Stars' Executive V.P., Business Operations and Development Jason Farris has written a coffee table style book on NHL GM's entitled "Behind the Moves: NHL General Managers Tell how Winners are Built." It's supposed to be phenomenal, if you can afford it's $99 price tag. [Calgary Herald] or buy the book at [NHL GMs]. (And if you do, can we borrow it?)
  • jumps on an angle that's been out there for about a week now: Derian Hatcher's reign as the only U.S. born captain to win a Stanley Cup will come to an end in the next two weeks. The only question is which one will it be. Hatch will always have the distinction of being the first American, and indeed even the first non-Canadian to win it ever. []
  • More of the same here on Brenden Dillon, including some quotes you probably read in the last week of April when he was re-called for the final game of the season against the St. Louis Blues. We will catch up with Brenden ourselves in July at development camp and it will be interesting to see how the landscape (where Dillon and potentially open roster spots are concerned) has changed when the first day of free agency has come and gone, likely during that camp. [Dallas]
  • Mike Modano is a Spurs fan? Really? After how many years in Dallas? After appearing in the video produced and shown at Mavericks games down the stretch last year about winning a championship and everything... Mike Modano is tweeting jubilantly about the triumph of the evil, evil Spurs, trying to win their second asterisked title in a shortened season? Huh. [His Twitter Account]. That just rubs me the wrong way, though I love the man dearly.
  • From Reddit, via Puck Daddy, the nation has spoken on who it thinks will win the Stanley Cup this year. New Jersey is holding out hope, however, and it's clear now who the under-dog is. The real question is this: What kind of hockey fans visit I cannot say that I have in some time... [Puck Daddy]