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NHL Awards 2012: Defending Big D's Vezina Trophy Ballot

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The 2012 NHL Awards take place next month in Las Vegas but until then, the SB Nation hockey crew decided we were going to vote on the awards ourselves. After all, we're much more qualified to make such decisions compared to the PWHA, general managers and owners....right? Each day this week and into next we'll announce one winner, starting today with the Vezina Trophy.

The Vezina is handed out each season to the top goaltender in the NHL. According to SB Nation, the winner is:

Jonathan Quick

Quick postsed a 35-21-13 record this past season with a stellar 1.95 GAA and .929 save percentage. He was the primary reason the Kings were able to get to the postseason, as he buoyed a team that struggled with offense for most of the season. Quick is certainly a worthy winner of the award.

Henrik Lundqvist came in second, with Mike Smith coming in third in the voting.

Let's take a look at my ballot for the award:

1. Henrik Lundqvist
2. Mike Smith
3. Pekka Rinne

Wait...what? That's right, I left Quick off my ballot. The only argument I can see being made is that Quick should have made the ballot in place of Rinne, but in my mind Smith and Lundqvist both had superior regular seasons compared to Quick.

What say you? Was I completely off my rocker with this ballot?