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NHL Awards 2012: What Are Your Picks?

On June 20, the NHL will host their annual NHL Awards show -- with Nickelback, of all the bands on this planet, opening up the show. During the show the awards for the Hart Trophy will be handed out and debate about the subjectivity of the awards and who got snubbed instantly raging across the hockey universe.

Those of us here at SB Nation Hockey, while exceptional in our ability to remain as subjective as possible, were not asked to vote on these awards. As such, SB Nation bloggers voted and we will be naming our own winners of the awards, to be announced one day at a time starting on Monday. Here is the schedule:

Monday, May 21: Vezina Trophy
Tuesday, May 22: Norris Trophy
Wednesday, May 23: Lady Byng
Thursday, May 24: Calder Trophy
Friday, May 25: Masterton Trophy
Monday, May 28: Selke Trophy
Tuesday, May 29: Hart Trophy

Each day I'll post the winner of the award and my own ballot, and will attempt to justify why I voted how I did.

What I would like to hear is how DBD feels the winners should go. This is not based on the finalists named by the NHL: any player you feel is worthy of the award should be named.