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NHL 2012 Free Agency: What Does Your Dallas Stars Recruitment Video Include?

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According to Dallas Stars Ice Girl Kaime, the Stars are out shooting a free agency video today.

Kaime O'Teter ‏ @Kaime_Stars
Out shooting our @DallasStars Free Agency video as your host! We'll convince these guys Dallas is the place to be!! #2012season#peskystars

This got me wondering - what exactly are some of the things you use to sell someone on your franchise? If I were going to make a video to convince free agents to sign with the Dallas Stars, I'd break it into several categories: city features, team features, and financial benefits.

First, Dallas has great schools (for all you with children, this would be a big deal.) It also has a lot of culture - plenty of museums, sports, and arts events every night of the week. There's always something to see and somewhere to go. There are plenty of opportunities for charity work and community involvement if that's your cup of tea. The traffic isn't so bad, and you really can't beat these mild winters Dallas tends to have! Golf in January, anyone?

The team also has plenty of things that make it attractive. A new owner willing to put in the work and money to bring this franchise back to excellence. A general manager that has a clearly defined vision of what the Stars should be, and the commitment to execute it. A management team that does what is best for the team, even when those decisions aren't the popular ones. A new young "players" coach, that has seen much playoff success at every level he's coached at, that is here to grow with the franchise. Young talent in the system that should make the team competitive consistently in the future. Fans that are just as rabid as any others, and plenty of fans just waiting to be converted.

Have I mentioned the tax breaks yet? Texas doesn't have a state income tax. Our property taxes might be higher than some states, but our housing costs are also much lower as well. You can live comfortably in Texas at a fraction of the cost, leaving more money in your checkbook.

So tell us - what would you include as benefits to playing for the Dallas Stars?