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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Hope Bob Gainey Brings Needed Front Office Experience

There was a lot of talk in the hockey community online, at least in the Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens corners, about Bob Gainey taking on a senior advisor role in Dallas.

Many Habs fans seem happy to see him gone after orchestrating some less-than-successful contracts and trades. And Stars fans seem cautiously optimistic for the large part though a little nervous that there is still too much emphasis on how the team was successful a decade ago.

Mike Heika had a very interesting take on the situation on his Dallas Morning News blog. He suggests that the Stars might want Gainey in there to challenge general manager Joe Nieuwendyk on some of the larger decisions to make sure things are thought through in the most complete way possible, drawing from his more than two decades in NHL management.

I added some of Heika's ruminations on how Gainey might fit into the front office as it stands at the moment to Gainey's quote about the questions he hopes to help answer within in the organization.

``I'm excited for the opportunity, because I believe the organization is at an important point,'' Gainey said. ``There is more emphasis on youth and how do you transfer the talent you have in prospects or at the AHL level into NHL talent, and that's something I find intriguing. I definitely have to familiarize myself with the talent and with the needs, but I would hope to add a perspective that maybe isn't there right now.''

It isn't...or wasn't. The Stars' coaching staff and front office is fairly green. Les Jackson has been around for a long time and is a respected voice, but he has been given a lot of responsibility in preparing for the draft (taking over a lot of what Tim Bernhardt was doing before Bernhardt was fired in September). Assistant GM Frank Provenzano is expanding his role from contracts to player assessment, but he and Nieuwendyk are learning together.

After the jump, catching up with the Stars at the world championships, Tarrant County already has a hockey team and some of the best toothless grins you've ever seen.

  • Richard Bachman hasn't played for Team USA yet, though he very well might today against Kazakhstan, but he has had fun with Finnish saunas. []
  • It was a quiet day for all of the Stars overseas, actually. The undefeated Finns take on Canada today though, so there should be some Kari Lehtonen-versus-Jamie-Benn fun times. [ESPN Dallas]
  • I don't know why the second Loui Eriksson quote in this story about the Stars contingent at the World Championships amuses me so, but it definitely does. []
  • Jamie Benn has been one of the most productive players for Team Canada so far, and he's getting a lot of attention as a viable option for the 2014 Olympic squad as well. I wonder if his collection of baseball hats would make the trip to Russia... [Vancouver Sun]
  • In response to the ridiculous column from the FWST the other day, a reader wrote in with an editorial to mention that Tarrant County already has a hockey team - the Texas Brahmas. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]
  • The always delightfully interesting 30 Thoughts from Elliotte Friedman. The one that struck me - Jay Beagle lost 10 pounds during one game? I get that it was triple overtime, but still, that's a lot. []
  • Bruce Boudreau might not have led the Anaheim Ducks out of their doldrums and into the playoffs this year, but he did enough to earn a two-year extension from the team. [Los Angeles Times]
  • You probably heard or at least saw the online chatter about Ron MacLean and his extremely failed opening to the New York Rangers-Washington Capitals Game 6 telecast, where he drew parallels between the players and the first responders of 9/11. He tried to explain himself on Thursday. [Puck Daddy]
  • Children on the 1980s and 90s, feast your eyes on this awesome LA Gear flashback, complete with not-all-the-way-bald Mark Messier and Brett Hull's fabulous hair. [Backhand Shelf]
  • I love the stereotypical toothless grin, and apparently so do the folks over at Sports Illustrated who put together this photo gallery. []
  • Patrick Kane is enjoying his offseason as per usual. [Deadspin]
  • Glen Gulutzan talked with the media before being the keynote speaker at the recent NAHL banquet. He still looks like he needs a good vacation.