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2012 NHL Playoff Predictions: DBD Picks Eastern Conference's Second Round

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2012 NHL Second Round Playoff Predictions: Eastern Conference. (1) New York Rangers vs (7) Washington Capitals. (5) Philadelphia Flyers vs (6) New Jersey Devils.

So the New York Rangers escape an embarrassing first round exit where the Boston Bruins did not, and Dale Hunters' new look Capitals will try to grind and goal-tend Tortorella's bunch to death now. Meanwhile the rats have been silenced (or poisoned, if you like) in Miami and the Devils are through to see if the Flyers can handle a series with a little normalcy and, you know... defense.

(1) New York Rangers vs (7) Washington Capitals


Brandon: This series bores me. I don't even know what to say, other than King Henrik was incredible in the first round while the rest of the Rangers were not. Rangers in 6.

Erin: The Rangers had much, much more trouble than they should have with the Ottawa Senators while the Captials benefited from big plays from depth players against the Boston Bruins. Henrik Lundqvist is playing much better than the oft-erratic Tim Thomas, though, so I've got to give the edge to the higher seed in this one. Rangers in six.

Taylor: New York struggled to find enough offense to get past the eighth seed in the East. Henrik Lundquist was (again) the best player for the Rangers. The Capitals, after sneaking into the playoffs when many had written them off completely, upset the defending Cup champs. Braden Holtby was spectacular and looks like an NHL vet even though this is his first taste of playoff hockey at this level. I can't imagine that the Rangers firepower won't win out in the end, no matter how good Holtby plays. Rangers in 5.

Brad: New York should be angry and they should smash things after watching the Sens push them to the brink. I'm not sure they have enough off-time to get ready for smashing, however. The Capitals are trying their hand at "pesky" and are leaning on a surprisingly hot goaltender. I like this one to go long, if Hotlby can keep it up. So... Rangers in 7 more.

Flyers/Devils after the jump. Tell us what you think will happen in the comments.

(5) Philadelphia Flyers vs (6) New Jersey Devils


Brandon: The Flyers are going to wipe the floor with the Devils. I think New Jersey will be able to keep the score lower than the Penguins did, but Philly just has way too much firepower. Flyers in 5.

Erin: I am not impressed by much with the Devils other than the play of Martin Brodeur, who is making huge stops for a guy that looked to be on his last legs earlier this season. On the other hand, everything about the Flyers is impressive other than the goaltending of Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei Bobrovsky. But the Flyers have so much firepower, I don't think that catches up with them yet. Flyers in five.

Taylor: The Flyers dominated the favored Penguins in convincing fashion, even if their goaltending was suspect. Good thing they can score a lot of goals. Martin Brodeur was the only reason the Devils got past the Panthers, and they've given up several multi-goal leads in the first round. Flyers win this one soundly. Flyers in 4.

Brad: The Devils had how much trouble with the Panthers, now? Philly is just too talented up and down that forward group. Even if Bryz lets a couple of beach balls get behind him I think you still have to say Flyers in 5 here, and hope for more because we're getting short on hockey on TV now that round one is over.

What say you?