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Dallas Stars Jersey Changes: Would Fans Welcome A New Color Scheme?

[Disclaimer: The Dallas Stars have not suggested a change in color scheme will happen, just that they are open to the possibility of change.]

With new ownership and a new direction for the team will come significant changes. We've already seen some of those changes being made, with front office personnel being changed out in favor of a new approach on the business side of the Dallas Stars franchise.

Some of those changes will inevitably include changes to the jerseys and team colors. We know that the Stars understand that fans are overall unhappy with the current jerseys, which some believe to be bland and a little too plain. When we compare the current jerseys to those of the just a few years ago, it's easy to see why people miss the green star so much. The color green has long been the issue, especially with the new colors primarily being white, black and gold and fans are hoping for a return to the colors that made the Stars jerseys some of the best the NHL has to offer.

What about a complete change, however? Back in September, Daryl Reaugh came up with the idea of a drastic change to a red, white & blue scheme to better match the other teams in the the area. The Stars are the only major team in Dallas that does not feature blue as one of the primary colors. Some would say that makes the team unique while others say this contributes to the "outsider" status the Stars currently hold in the Dallas sports landscape.

Mike Heika, reporting on how the Stars are looking at changing a number of things with the team moving forward, says that the Lites and the new management team "will look at every possible option for change." He also says that Lites and the team will be considering fan feedback on important decisions, so let's start that process today.

What might these new jerseys look like if the Stars go for a complete change? Let's take a look and discuss after the jump.

We covered this in detail back in September when first mentioned, but here's what Razor is suggesting the Stars go to:



Both images can be found at Razor's blog entry here. Remember, this has not come from the team and is merely a suggestion from Razor.

There's no doubting that fans want a change from what the team has now. While some may feel the home black jersey is sharp, personally it's tough to really forge an identity around a team where the road and home jerseys are nearly identical and basically come down to black and white. In fact, the Dallas Stars crest that we've come to love so much is barely featured, with "DALLAS" sprawled across the front on both home and away jerseys -- adding to the simple and basic feel that just screams..."boring."

Forging a new identity is what the Stars are hoping to accomplish under this new management team and new owner Tom Gaglardi. The Stars are in a very interesting position where they can basically hit "reset" on the franchise and with the team on the ice, as Joe Nieuwendyk is finally being handed the tools to build a legitimately competitive hockey team. Jim Lites has said that this feels like a similar situation to when when the Stars first came to Dallas in 1993, and they're looking to approach it in a similar fashion. This time, however, they already have a loyal fanbase on which to build for the future.

What has been interesting the past year to see is just how attached Dallas Stars fans are to tradition. The change in goal song was met with intense disdain at first and the changes in game presentation have been met with trepidation. Fans here in Dallas love the traditions that they feel are unique to the team and part of that tradition is our love for the color green that has long been associated with the Dallas Stars.

For many, it's always been gold and green.

Why is this, however? When the Stars first moved to Dallas, the primary colors for the team were black and white, with green and gold accents.



While green had always been a big part of the North Stars jerseys, the Stars chose to go in a different direction for a number of years with a simple yet very classy jersey design. The difference between these and the current jerseys, of course, is the prominence of the logo that we've come to love so much.

The Stars jerseys at this time were simple, yet in a way were too simple. Much like the problem we're seeing today, nothing about these jerseys really stood out when compared to the rest of the NHL. It wasn't until the Stars unveiled their new third jerseys that we really started to see just what the identity of the Dallas Stars would be, at least aesthetically.

I'm sure you guys know which ones we're talking about. These beauties:


Classic. Beautiful. Unique.

There was a time when the Dallas Stars had the most distinct and well-liked jerseys in the NHL. They were extremely popular and instantly portrayed the identity of the team while prominently featuring the colors that we love so much.

We all know what happened when Reebok stepped in....and now here we are.

So, what should the plan be moving forward? Is a drastic change in color scheme absolutely needed or should the Stars consider a different and more unique design that features the colors the fans love so much?

We've seen many changes this past season when it comes to the presentation of the team and it's likely we'll see even more this summer heading into next season. Fans, overall, are hesitant to change because of how much we love our traditions. For the Dallas Stars and their fans, however, these traditions aren't nearly as deep as some other franchises but after four years of frustration and disappointment -- these traditions are the only things some fans are still holding onto.

I get the feeling that while Stars fans may reluctantly accept changes to the goal song, the horn, the game presentation and other aspects pertaining to the team, a complete change in color scheme is not something fans will take kindly too.

Mike Heika approaches this by showing how changing color schemes is far from rare in the NHL, with the Vancouver Canucks being the most active in this aspect of their team.

If you look at the history of hockey, massive changes in uniform color are not that unusual. The Kings went from purple and gold to black and silver and now tout a mix of black, silver and purple with a few throwbacks of purple and gold. The Penguins went from baby blue to black and gold, and now use both uniforms for different occasions. The Ducks went from teal and purple to black, gold and orange. The Sabres went from blue and gold to black, red and silver...and then went back.

I think what we've seen, however, is that when teams go through a major change to the color schemes and move on from the ones the fans loved so much -- they eventually go back to those colors, or at least a hybrid of sorts. For years the Texas Rangers were blue and white before changing to red and white. Now, the team employs a good mix of the two after fans clamored for a return to what we loved so much.

I have the feeling that the suggesting a complete change in colors will be met with intense hostility, more than any other proposed changes we've seen over the past few years. What fans really want is a return to what we loved so much, the classic dark green that was the identity of the Stars for so long, which could actually represent the drastic change and "new identity" that the team is looking for moving forward.

Our very own Cole Jones has undertaken a project where he tries to appease all fans and come up with a design that represents a new beginning, but a return to what fans love so much. Here is what was decided upon:



Is this the sort of change that Stars fans would welcome? While this exact jersey may not be what fans would want, this does represent the sort of changes the Stars could be looking for while also appeasing the majority of fans who do not want any sort of change from the green and gold that is unique to our team.

What do you say? What would you tell Jim Lites about possible changes to the color scheme of the Dallas Stars?