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Please Welcome Huw Wales To Defending Big D!

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I'd like to officially welcome Huw Wales as the newest member on the Defending Big D team. Most of you know Huw as "Another British Dallas Stars Fan" who has been providing us with incredible insight on the upcoming draft. He's going to be sliding over the front page to help expand upon our coverage of the draft and will be yet another voice in our expansive analysis of the Dallas Stars.

I asked Huw to introduce himself, which you can read after the jump. He's another Stars fan that came to the team due to the power of video games. What a world we live in...

Hello everyone! It's a real honour to be joining the Defending Big D staff. I've been asked to write a little bit about my self. My name is Huw Wales, I'm 21 years old and I'm from the United Kingdom. I'm a student at the University of Sheffield (Go Steelers and Steeldogs!) studying International History and International Politics.

I first got into ice hockey when I was very young when I spent the first 4 years of my life living in Stockholm, Sweden. Obviously the main sport in Sweden is Ice hockey and I used to go see games when I was young. For any followers of Swedish ice hockey out there I was a passionate Djurgårdens fan.

When I returned to Britain I had a hiatus from the game until I was about 14. I wanted to find out about Ice hockey again and I first got back into the sport through NHL 2004. When I tried the NHL part of the game out the first team I could win any games as was the Dallas Stars. Since then I only really got passionate and following the team closely in early 2009.

I'm now an addict of Defending Big D and the Dallas Stars as a whole. I might not be able to watch all their games live due to the time difference but I try and watch as many games as possible in the mornings. I hope that you enjoy reading my posts in the future.

You can follow Huw on Twitter at (Or click below)