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Dallas Stars 2011-12 Season Grades: Alex Goligoski

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Alex Goligoski

#33 / Defenseman / Dallas Stars



Jul 30, 1985

Alex Goligoski 71 9 21 30 0 16 2 0 1 140 6.4

Key Stat: 4-7-1 - Goligoski went down in the first period on November 11th in Pittsburgh with a broken hand. The Stars dropped that game and seven others while he was gone en route to a 4-7-1 record without him in the lineup. They produced less than two goals per game on average during his absence, including a massive 194:11 scoreless streak. He led the team in time on ice per game (22:46) and PP time on ice per game (3:09), and despite taking the third most hits on the team at 111, stayed very healthy outside of the one freak puck to his hand.

The Good: 299. That's Josh's count of how many even strength scoring chances Goligoski was on the ice for this season. That's more than any other Stars' player, even Jamie Benn at 272. If you missed it, he showed how Goligoski was the Stars' most valuable defenseman at length here as far as scoring chances go, along with zone start adjusted chances. Which is all a fancy way of saying that there are more good things happening for the Stars when Goligoski is on the ice than any other defenseman.

Golgoski also led the Stars defense in on-ice CORSI, which is a measure of how many more pucks are being directed at an opponents net while he's on the ice than pucks directed at the Stars' net. It's expressed as a "per 60 minutes played" stat. His was +9.06. The next closest Stars defenseman was Robidas at 2.14. It's not even close. Again, it's all a way of measuring how much the Stars have the puck. When Golgoski is on the ice, good things are happening for the Stars and the play is being driven forward, away from Kari Lehtonen.

The Bad: Expectations around here were sky high for Alex Goligoski based on what he was able to do offensively in limited time with Dallas last year after the trade (15 points in 23 games). With just 30 points in 71 games, his totals fell short of what many had hoped. His production was fueled by one excellent streak - 18 points in 24 games - in the middle of the year, but he tallied just 12 in the other 47 games. He had just one goal and two assists in down the stretch in March when the Stars floundered.

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The Bottom Line: Alex Goligoski is the Stars' most valuable defenseman by far. The scoring chance numbers, the advanced metrics, his ice time, the trust the coaching staff has placed in him - all demonstrate that very clearly. If Joe Nieuwendyk is able to increase the talent level on this roster overall, Golgioski's abilities will manifest themselves into more tangible results on the score sheet next season. That being said, Glen Gulutzan must figure out how to utilize Golgoski's skill set more effectively to help the failed power play that he (Goligoski) was a big part of this season.

The Vote: Rate Goligoski below on a scale of A to F (A being the best of course) based on his performance relative to his potential and your expectations for the season he was here. Vote after the jump.