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Texas Stars Fire Head Coach Jeff Pyle & Assistant Coach Jeff Truitt

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We were told changes were coming down in Austin, and this was thought to be the first step in exacting that change. With the Texas Stars finishing the season last in the Western Conference with a 31-40-3-2 record and many other issues plaguing their season, it was announced today that head coach Jeff Pyle and assistant coach Jeff Truitt have been relieved of their coaching duties.

The decision is being announced as a "joint decision" between Dallas and Texas, although it's undeniable that Joe Niuewendyk had a major role in this decision. The situation in Austin has not been a good one this season and Pyle was never able to truly connect with his team, with some very coarse and choice words being let loose via the media towards the end of the year.

Coach Pyle, according to everyone I speak to, is generally regarded as a well-liked guy. Unfortunately he was handed the reins of a team and franchise in disarray and he never did have the ability to get his team to rise above their inherent issues. With the team and franchise headed in a new direction next season, and especially with so many high-profile Stars prospects on their way, it was only a matter of time before Pyle was let go. It just wasn't the right situation.

If any of you have seen the Stars play this season it was obvious this wasn't just about talent level. The Stars had almost zero defensive structure or team support and at times felt like a team with no direction. The Stars were certainly a team with very little confidence, at least until Jack Campbell showed up a few weeks ago. Dallas was concerned with the structure that would be in place for their prospects and you can't blame them for wanting to improve the situation moving forward.

We wish Coach Pyle and Coach Truitt all the best moving forward.

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