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Coming Soon On Defending Big D...

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It's been just over a week now since the Dallas Stars 2011-12 season came to its conclusion. This past week has allowed those of us here at DBD to take a breather of sorts, to take time to sit back and reflect on just how incredible this last year has been. From a summer of uncertainty and doubt, to a hot start and the sale of the franchise, to a near-miracle ending that unfortunately left us ultimately disappointed and frustrated -- this has been one heck of a ride.

I know that the flow of content this week hasn't been what we're used to, but this mini-vacation of sorts has given us time to collect our thoughts and plan ahead for what should be a very interesting and potentially exciting summer. We're going to be back full-force this week, with what should be a fairly exciting plan for this summer's coverage. For the first time in four years the Dallas Stars at least have the ability to be aggressively active over the summer, and there's no telling how much we'll have to say about what's to come.

In the meantime, here's a short run-down of some of what we have planned over the next few months:

- Individual grades for each player for the Dallas Stars this past season.
- Voting for the Dallas Stars Plays Of The Year
- Retrospectives on this past season; The Good & The Bad
- Detailed scouting reports and final rankings for the Top 20 Dallas Stars prospects
- Detailed scouting reports and draft profiles for the upcoming NHL Entry Draft
- DBD Mock Drafts
- Free Agency target profiles
- Detailed coverage of NHL and NHLPA CBA negotiations
- Continued coverage of the 2012 NHL Playoffs
- Continued statistical breakdowns by Josh Lile
- Detailed editorials on NHL Free Agency, NHL Entry Draft and other Dallas Stars analysis

There's bound to be more, but this is basically what's on the docket for DBD between now and July. If there is anything else you'd like for us to breakdown or cover, let us know in the comments!

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and staying safe today as bad weather creeps across the plains. It's been a crazy year for the Dallas Stars and DBD, but tomorrow we start moving forward into an exciting future.