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Video: Dallas Stars Players & Coaches Exit Interviews

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The Dallas Stars season ended much too soon and while expectations were never that this should have been a postseason team, it's still painful that they came so close yet again while falling so incredibly short.

This summer, for whatever, reason feels much different that the past three with no playoffs. While reality was always that this team was going to have fight tooth and nail just to have a chance, for whatever reason the disappointment from this season was greater and more palpable than in the past. Perhaps it was because this was a team that was never supposed to get that close; perhaps it was because we loved this particular team more than others in the past.

There has been a lot of frustration with Stars fans recently and when the Dallas Stars players and coaches walked through the locker room in Frisco for the final time on Wednesday, it was apparent that they feel that anger and disappointment more than most.

We can write about what they had to say all summer long (and we just might do that) but I've always felt it's best to see what these guys have to say in context -- see the expression, the tone, etc. So, after the jump we've put up all of the exit interviews from Wednesday, courtesy of the fine folks with the Dallas Stars, to make it easy for fans to see what the players had to say.

It's also a chance to roll your eyes at some of the more...disappointing...questions that were asked as well.

Glen Gulutzan:

Michael Ryder:

Alex Goligoski:

Brenden Morrow:

Kari Lehtonen:

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