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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Brenden Morrow Knows People Are Talking

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There's been a lot speculated about Brenden Morrow and his future recently, and the Dallas Stars captain knows all about it.

Morrow, who struggled during an injury-plagued season while missing long stretches of games and bouncing between lines, addresses some of the talk in this paywalled story from Mike Heika.

"I'm not going to lie, it's really tough to hear," said Morrow of speculation that the team might be better if it moved forward without him. "But at the same time, I saw it with franchise players, good friends. If it happened to Mike Modano, it can happen to anyone.

"I don't like it; I'm uncomfortable with it. I want us to win, I want us to be better, but I also understand this is a business and some of the things are out of my control. So what I can control is to get myself as healthy as I can and work as hard as I can and hope I perform as well as I can.

"I'd love to be a part of the solution next year, and hopefully management agrees."

Yes, that' a really long quote, but I like all of it. In the free part of the story online, Heika indicates that team management says it is proceeding as if Morrow is a part of next year's squad rather than trade bait (which seems like an obvious statement from a player and public relations standpoint until you remember how some other GMs run their teams).

After the jump, more on Glen Gulutzan's first season as Stars coach, where the Stars fell in the NHL draft lottery and why can't people criticize the Pittsburgh Penguins?

  • This is a really solid (and free!) look back at Glen Gulutzan's first season, with quotes from the man himself about the learning curve of moving up to the NHL. []
  • Alex Goligoski and Richard Bachman have been added to the team USA roster for the World Championships. [USA Today]
  • Jamie Benn gets some well-deserved love from Cam Charron, who also brings up all sorts of amusing magazine-writing cliches while he's at it. [Backhand Shelf]
  • As we start the "who should the Stars target in free agency" part of the season, Rick Gosselin makes his case for Zach Parise in this paywalled column. []
  • The Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery despite the Columbus Blue Jackets having the best odds? If I were a tinfoil hat wearer, I'd call conspiracy. But really, I just think it's another way for the Oilers to show that being able to draft talent at the top of the draft doesn't mean you can turn that into a winning NHL team. [Washington Post]
  • Here's your full draft order. The Stars will pick 13th. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Speaking of conspiracies, Jeremy Roenick and his big mouth takes on this seemingly league-wide mandate that you can't say bad things about the Pittsburgh Penguins. And you know what? This one I agree with. Teams and players take criticism from teams and other players all the time (heck, even the great Wayne Gretzky once infamously called the New Jersey Devils a Mickey Mouse operation). What makes Pittsburgh so immune to that? [Puck Daddy]
  • The Stars might not be in the playoffs, but they are having an impact on at least one of the series. Hal Gill of the Nashville Predators did not practice Tuesday after blocking a shot from Sheldon Souray near the end of the season. I think the Stars forwards had the strategy down - when you see his shot coming at you, just duck. [The Tennessean]
  • In your "looking at the bright side" news of the day, at least you don't live (and blog) in Kazakhstan. [Puck Daddy]
  • the Stars are starting to put a lot of good season-wrap stuff on their website, but before we get to all the best plays of the year, I think this interview with Tom Gaglardi from NBC-5 should take priority.