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2012 NHL Playoffs: Who Are Dallas Stars Fans Rooting For?

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This is the fourth time in four years I've had to write this post and I'm fairly confident I shouldn't have to write it again for a while.


Yet here we are, watching another NHL postseason without the Dallas Stars and us having to figure out who we would sort of be okay with actually winning the Stanley Cup. Generally, I will always root for a Western Conference team but this season is going to be tough.

Should we be ok with Nashville, who has thrown all of their chips on the table for this season? Perhaps we should be rooting for St. Louis, a team with many ties to the Dallas Stars organization. I know one thing is for certain: I will be rooting hard against San Jose and Los Angeles.

Perhaps I'll root for the same team I did last season: Phoenix, the team that nobody wants.

So, Stars fans...who are YOU rooting for?