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Dallas Stars Fan Hit By Kari Lehtonen Shot In Vancouver Tells His Story

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Brendan Pound of Seattle holds the puck, stick and bloody towel he got from Friday's Dallas Stars game against the Vancouver Canucks after being struck in the a face during warmup.
Brendan Pound of Seattle holds the puck, stick and bloody towel he got from Friday's Dallas Stars game against the Vancouver Canucks after being struck in the a face during warmup.

It must be a goalie thing.

That was my first thought when reading through an e-mail from Brendan Pound titled "I'm the guy that Kari tried to kill." Pound was the fan who caught a puck in the face standing along the boards Friday for warm ups before the Dallas Stars took on the Vancouver Canucks.

You can get a video of the incident, which was featured on TSN, here on Puck Daddy.

Near the end of the e-mail, which you can find after the jump, Pound reveals he's a goalie for a recreational team in Seattle, so he's used to having pucks flying at his face, just usually with a mask on. Since the puck that hit him was shot by none other than Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen, that adds another layer of amusement to the whole thing.

As for the woman who tried to swipe the towel Lehtonen got for him, the two had never met before, but a Vancouver native named Lindsay did post this on Twitter Friday night.

This is the "towel stealer" from pre-game. All over TSN. Could u hook me back up with the bloody nose guy? I feel like s**t.

Brendan said he saw the Tweet and tried to respond.

I've never used Twitter in my LIFE - no idea how to work it but I did create and account and try to reply to her that I was ok... not sure if it worked ><

Hey, no harm, no foul, right?

Brendan's full story in his own words after the jump.

I moved to Dallas in 2001 for reasons that will remain unsaid. It was a dumb reason. ANYHOW. I was a big hockey fan but growing up in Seattle, I never really had an NHL team that was close - and frankly the Canucks really never did it for me. Dallas was still kicking ass across the West and did (and still does) such a good job connecting with it's fans that I ended up falling in love with the franchise. I moved back to Seattle after 2 years but maintained my love of the Stars - I'm pretty alone up here. *laugh* It's fairly easy to drive up to the games - make the pilgrimage twice a year and try to fly back for the home openers. Went to the first two home games this year.

To the game: I got there early for warm ups, I get precious few opportunities to see them up close so I hop on them when I can. Actually brought a friend to her first NHL game, but she was sitting about 10 rows up from me at the game. The woman who swiped the towel? No idea who she is.

I was down at the glass with a beer in hand, I glance to my left and them BAM - my beer explodes and my nose hurts like hell. I had no idea what the hell was going on. Blood started pouring out of my nose and I finally figure that I got tagged with a puck. HOW??? I was like a foot from the glass? A guy just to my left managed to secure the puck and I looked at him, bleeding, "That puck is mine." He laughed and handed it over. I didn't even notice that Lehtonen knew - I was trying to get the bleeding stopped. When he threw the towel over, she RIPPED it out of my hands and said something like "It's for ME!" I said "He threw the damn towel to me, notice the blood?" I was pretty incredulous.

Security came down the stairs and told me I needed to get cleaned up, apparently bleeding fans are a no-no in the stands. Imagine that. As I was making my way towards the stairs by the bench, Steve Ott banged the glass to get my attention and gave me a thumbs up laughing: To me, THAT made the night. I literally didn't even know who shot the puck until this morning when I saw the video. It was pretty cool when they gave me the stick though - now I know why! If you can get word to Kari, let him know I'm fine *laugh* I didn't need stitches but I did have to tell the guys cleaning me up to hurry the hell up - game was 3 minutes from starting!

Strangely enough, I play in a league in Seattle... as a goalie. Generally I have a mask on when pucks are flying at me! I was getting recognized all over the place in downtown Vancouver - and I was in a bar when the video on TSN came on. VERY surreal.