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VIDEO: Dallas Stars Line Combinations - The Effect Of Brenden Morrow's Return

In our latest episode of Defending Big D On YouTube (name is a work in progress) we discuss what effect the impending return of Brenden Morrow will have on the Dallas Stars line combinations.

The Stars are enjoying an incredible hot streak at the moment and there are fears that Morrow may mess with something that is working quite well. The reality, of course, is that Morrow -- if healthy -- provides leadership and grit that is inherently necessary in order for the Stars to make a legitimate run at the NHL playoffs. There's a good reason that Morrow's name was mentioned in trade rumors before his injury as team's know what sort of impact he can have a team's playoff success.

The question, of course, is what happens with the rest of the line combinations. Do the Dallas Stars break up the top line in order to put Morrow back with Mike Ribeiro? Perhaps Morrow will allow for even better balance on the Stars with his return, slotting into the second line. Watch the video to see what we think might happen.