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2012 NHL Playoffs: Western Conference Standings Update

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With their 5-4 loss to the Calgary Flames on Monday night, and now 2-4-0 in their last six games, the Dallas Stars have once again given up the division lead and find themselves right back in the middle of the pack. Five teams are now fighting for the final two spots in the conference with Calgary barely hanging on after the win over the Stars.

Dallas has just six games remaining this season, four on the road and only one against a team with a losing record. That game is tomorrow night against Edmonton and the Stars will be facing yet another must-win situation; lose against the Oilers and the Stars suddenly find themselves in some serious dire straits.

Perhaps no games will be more important than this weekend's back-to-back against Vancouver and San Jose, followed by San Jose coming to Dallas next week. The Stars' season will likely be decided by those three games alone -- games the Stars must find a way to win.

We'll have more on last night's game later today. For now, discuss the remaining schedule and how you think this will all shake out.