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2012 NHL Playoffs: Are the Dallas Stars A Playoff Team?

We're going to be examining this issue first thing next week -- and the start of this road trip will help influence our analysis -- but we wanted to get a read on the Dallas Stars fan first. After a roller coaster season in which the Stars have enjoyed some incredibly inconsistent play at times, the team is charging forward with a five-game points streak that has suddenly thrust them back into the playoff picture.

Is this all a mirage, however? Have the Stars actually improved as a team and changed for the better, legitimately becoming a threat to not only make the playoffs but become a threat if they make it?

There's no doubt the Stars have made a turnaround of sorts the past few weeks, culminating in five very strong games that have thrust them right back in the playoff race. The question, of course, is whether this is sustainable and whether the Stars have figured things out and are finally living up to the potential the front office envisioned at the beginning of the season.

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