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Introducing SB Nation's YouTube Channel, With Defending Big D Video Reports!

These are exciting times here at SB Nation. Today, we are launching an all-new SB Nation YouTube channel, and Defending Big D will be a big part of it.Click here to subscribe to the channel. You can also find all of SB Nation's video coverage by clicking the link at the top of the page.

You may have already seen some early work from SB Nation Studios, be it tips for your Super Bowl party from a Top Chef, an inspirational story about the Giants' Tom Coughlin, or one man's quest to pet all 185 breeds at the Westminster Dog Show. Today, the channel will be unveiled in full, and you'll see the same high-quality content that you've come to expect from SB Nation.

Defending Big D will be a big part of this venture as well, just one of a few hockey sites with an exclusive YouTube channel for our team reports. You'll get to see my handsome face two or three times each week with exclusive videos on the Dallas Stars with analysis, interviews and much more. The SB Nation channel launches today while Defending Big D will launch our official channel next week.

More information on what to expect after the jump.

  • Bomani & Jones -- Sports commentary from the star of Around The Horn and SB Nation
  • The Full Nelson -- Fresh, unique and original stories from inside the sports world, brought to you by Amy K. Nelson
  • SB Nation The Floor -- Celebrated bloggers Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford team up with Erin Sharoni to deliver your daily dose of sports, pop culture and humor
  • Team Reports -- News, unfiltered commentary and deep analysis on an individual team-by-team basis, from the experts in the SB Nation Network

We'll be working as hard as we can to bring you as much hockey coverage as we can and Travis Hughes of SB Nation Hockey will be providing in-studio coverage of our incredible sport as well.

Let us know what sort of video coverage you'll like to see from us here at Defending Big D and we'll do our best to provide it. Remember, we may have access to the team but video access is limited; this is something we're hoping to expand upon soon. Other than that, we're open to any and all suggestions of what you'd love to see us cover in our expanded video coverage of the Stars.

We'll announce next week once the Defending Big D channel is up.