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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Gulutzan Says Stars Can Do Better Than Shootout Win Over Wild

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From a strictly bookkeeping standpoint, the Dallas Stars got basically what they wanted out of Saturday's game against the Minnesota Wild - two points.

But Stars coach Glen Gulutzan was less-than-pleased with how his team played on the way to those points.

For the second consecutive game, the Stars were plagued with silly turnovers in their own zone. Jake Dowell was far from the only player guilty of this, but it was his turnover in the third period that led to the Wild's only goal and the Stars' inability to truly win a four-point game.

Gulutzan started the season focusing on the positives for the team, but he has been much more critical since the All-Star break, and he wasn't mincing words after Saturday's game either.

"We relied on our goalie a lot," Gulutzan said. "We have to be better. We have to be better. I’m ecstatic about the two points and it’s going to help us, but we have a different level that we need to get to."

After the jump, a very slow news day in Stars world, happy anniversary to Scott Gomez and Teemu Selanne wears a shirt more appropriate on a college frat boy.

  • There was a little football game on Sunday that you might have heard of, so most of the sports stories written were directed toward the NFL. One of the only Stars stories I could find, other than the notes package linked above, was this paywalled story from Mike Heika looking at how the Stars bring along their prospects. []
  • It was such a slow news day that even the official site didn't have anything new up. So here's a story from a few days ago on Mark Fistric and how he deals with the unpredictable scratch situation that happens with eight "healthy" defensemen. []
  • Also from a few days ago, your semi-regular Razor musings, this time focusing on the extremely busy month the Stars have in front of them. [Razor with an Edge]
  • True to his usual form, Eddie Belfour only offered a limited number of quotes as he met the media before being honored before Saturday's game against the Minnesota Wild. So if a lot of these quotes from a pretty decent feature seem familiar to you, that's why. []
  • I know, I know. The guy makes a ton of money and hasn't come close to living up to his contract. But I can't help but feel a little bad for Scott Gomez, who officially marked a year between goals on Sunday. I mean, he didn't offer himself that ridiculous contract (hi New York Rangers!), and it's not like the guy tries to go out there every night and do nothing. [Puck Daddy]
  • Meet the enemy: The Phoenix Coyotes are one of the teams in a dogfight with the Stars for the final playoff berths in the West, and former Stars backup goalie Mike Smith will have to play a big role in any run they want to make. [Arizona Republic]
  • Around the Pacific Division: From a strictly Stars-fan perspective, I wish that Teemu Selanne of the Anaheim Ducks would hurry up and retire already. But between his legendary obsession with cars and his willingness to wear this shirt while being interviewed, maybe I just wish he'd go back to the Eastern Conference. Also, why don't the Stars do a public skills competition anymore? I don't even need a ceramic pig. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Los Angeles Kings aren't alone in having some semi-nefarious home-rink advantages. [Down Goes Brown]
  • I told you Glen Gulutzan wasn't happy, and you can kind of see that in his body language and hear it in his tone of voice in this post-game interview from Saturday.