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2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Dallas Stars Stand Still On Incredibly Boring Deadline Day

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In the end the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline passed with a whimper. When the biggest news of the day was the trade of Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville, then you know just how anti-climatic it all truly was. Only nine trades on the day were announced, with Nashville being the most active, along with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Rick Nash stays in Columbus, so it's going to be fun to see his reaction moving forward after demanding to play elsewhere. What is apparent is that the asking price for most "big" players at the deadline was too high for most teams, which resulted in a notable lack of blockbuster trades -- including the fact that Steve Ott remains a Dallas Star.

There was endless speculation about which teams were in on Ott with it becoming more and more clear that Ott's value to the Stars were higher than other teams were willing to pay. Sheldon Souray, Toby Petersen and other pending UFA's also remain with the team -- although judging by some of the other trades being made it's obvious that teams just weren't willing to pay the players the Stars might have been offering.

We'll have more from the team later, including quotes from Joe Nieuwendyk, and we'll have full analysis on a slow deadline day tomorrow.