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2012 NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread

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Here's your one-stop-shop for discussion of all the action from today's NHL Trade Deadline. We'll update this thread with all of the news of significant trades made around the NHL, while also keeping you up to date on any Dallas Stars news that may occur.

Before we get started, I wanted to point out something that we need to keep in mind: it takes two teams to make a trade work. Before we start to attack Nieuwendyk for a lack of trades that may or may not happen, there's always the possibility that he was attempting to make a trade but could never get the value he wanted for certain players. While changing the team over the next few years and building around Benn and Eriksson is the plan, giving away players for under market value just to make a trade is also not the right answer.

At the same time, Nieuwendyk must be prepared to move some popular players if the right deal comes along. It's a tough decision that has to be made but the Stars have to keep the long-term future of this team in mind: it's not just about the playoffs this season. That being said, let's get the trade discussion rolling.

We'll update this thread with each big trade that goes down. You can also follow SB Nation's comprehensive coverage of all the trades today by going here.

9:45 a.m. - Montreal Canadiens trade Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville Predators for 2013 2nd-Round Pick and 2013 conditional 5th-Round Pick.

11:59 a.m. - Edmonton Oilers trade Tom Gilbert to Minnesota Wild for Nick Schultz.