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NHL Trade Deadline & Scoreboard Watching Open Thread

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It's a busy Saturday night in the NHL as we sit just two days from the Trade Deadline. As expected, speculation and rumors surrounding certain Star players is growing at a feverish rate with each passing day.

Use this thread to discuss any trade speculation or rumors you've been seeing (we won't post any, not without confirmation) and any breaking trades that may be going down.

We're also looking at a big night for the playoff implications with the Stars. We're going to kick off our scoreboard watching threads for this season tonight, something that is always fun when the Stars are in the hunt for the playoffs (at least for now).

Pheonix, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Jose and Nashville are all playing tonight and mostly against each other.

Here's a big thumbs up to "No Three Point Games Night". Once again, why couldn't it be possible for every team to lose?