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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Mike Ribeiro Steals Spotlight In Montreal

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Mike Ribeiro hadn't played in Montreal since he was traded to the Dallas Stars from the Canadiens in 2006, but it didn't take him long to get reacquainted with the Bell Centre faithful.

The always slick and sometimes controversial center heard a lot of things when he was sent packing for Janne Niinimaa and a fifth round pick that turned into career AHL player Aaron Conboy. He heard he was too much of a party boy, that he was a locker room cancer, that his work ethic was questionable and that he didn't have respect for the game.

Ribeiro took full advantage of the chance to prove just how wrong those naysayers were during Tuesday's 3-0 Stars win over the Habs. Ribeiro scored the second goal, schooled P.K. Subban numerous times and was named the first star of the game via a fan vote.

Video of Ribeiro's celebrations, including more reactions to his antics, after the jump. Also, more on the Stars win over the Canadiens, will the Stars get anyone back for Thursday's game and the best high school essay ever by Ribeiro.

To thank the fans for their generous gesture, Ribeiro did this:

Some people took that as mocking the Habs organization (and possibly fans). Some people channeling Wayne Gretzky called it a Mickey Mouse act. And Ribeiro said this on Twitter:

Thank u to the Mtl fans who cheered for me after my first star tonight!!! Won't forget this night.thx

Sarcastic? Serious? Only he knows for sure, and if he's smart, he's not telling. Oh Ribeiro, never change. Just maybe work on that grammar and exclamation point addiction.

  • Ribeiro was even the story before the game after he got to talk with his favorite Montreal media for the first time in six years or so. His response to the question of if he wanted to prove the Habs made a mistake in trading him in pretty classic. []
  • What, you say there was a big chunk of the game that didn't involve Ribeiro? Well then, Mark Stepneski will take you through all the wonder that was Ryan Garbutt, Kari Lehtonen and Tomas Vincour. [ESPN Dallas]
  • While Stars fans were celebrating what looked like the first #PeskyStars sighting in ages, the Habs fans were booing their own team off home ice after another super-flat effort. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Stars coach Glen Gulutzan grew up as a Canadiens fan, so Tuesday's game was also quite an experience for him. [Calgary Herald]
  • A good point to think about when thinking about trading away all the veteran players - there is that pesky thing known as the cap floor. The Stars have some wiggle room, but not enough to go full-scale ridiculous. []
  • You might think the Stars are trying to run Lehtonen into the ground yet again, but Razor says not to fret. [Razor With An Edge]
  • Ribeiro was just all over the news on Tuesday, as he and Steve Ott are popping up in the rumor mill. Oh, and Vernon Fiddler trolled the media. That's always fun. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Sheldon Souray skated before Tuesday's game and should be ready Thursday for the Chicago Blackhawks. But Jamie Benn is struggling with an apparently gigantic bruise left behind from the skate cut suffered against the Calgary Flames. []
  • Fun with trades not involving the Stars! The Colorado Avalanche sent defenseman Kyle Quincey to the Tampa Bay Lightning for forward Steve Downie. The Lightning then turned around and sent Quincey to the Detroit Red Wings for a first-round pick. [Puck Daddy]
  • Former Stars winger twice removed Jamie Langenbrunner has a broken foot and will miss at least a month for the St. Louis Blues. [Belleville News Democrat]
  • Also out for at least two weeks: Pavel Datsyuk of the Red Wings, who had to undergo "minor" knee surgery. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Meet the enemy: The injures are just never-ending. Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks was sidelined with the dreaded upper-body injury but they got enough from everyone else to take a 2-1 victory over those Red Wings. What nine-game losing streak? [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Around the Pacific Division, the losers: I think we can say the San Jose Sharks are officially slumping. They fell 6-3 to the Columbus Blue Jackets and were tied atop the division standings by someone else (more on that later). And the Anaheim Ducks were more than game but couldn't solve the Lightning enough times in a 3-2 loss. [San Jose Mercury News/Tampa Bay Times]
  • Around the Pacific Division, the game someone had to win: So what happens when the Stars don't care about who wins as long as the game ends in regulation? It goes to overtime, of course, as the Phoenix Coyotes defeated the Los Angeles Kings 5-4 in the shootout. [Arizona Republic]
  • Around the Pacific Division, the buffoonery: The Coyotes only tied the game late because Kyle Clifford went a little stupid and was handed a match penalty for his late hit on Gilbert Brule. [Los Angeles Times]
  • This story is heartwarming and hilarous. It's very fun to see Ribeiro connect with his old high school teacher. And the best part is he's exactly the type of high school student you think he would be, complete with cocky essay kept for all these years. The video doesn't seem to work on the Google Translate link, so if you want to watch that as well, check out the original RDS link. [ Translate]
  • If you'd like to play the game of "Mike Ribeiro: Trolling or Thankful?" you can watch his full post-game interview here.