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Dallas Stars Daily Links: How To Become An NHL Insider On Twitter In Six Easy Steps

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With a week to go until the NHL trade deadline, there are more and more rumors popping up, especially on social media.

This isn't the first deadline where much of the hockey media is active on sites like Twitter, but as more and more people become media savvy, the participation rate is way up again. And our friends over at On The Forecheck put together a useful (not to mention hysterical) guide on how you, too, can become someone people turn to for trade rumors.

Here's step two of their guide, but you really need to read the whole thing for the full effect.

K: Kick them while they're down.

Let your followers know you're not like those other Twitter insiders, always spouting the same old junk. You have a great advantage of not being a real journalist: you can aggressively discredit your competition. Eklund says Bernier for Nash is a done deal? What a chump! Hey guys, notice how I didn't say Bernier for Nash was a done deal?

Now go out, DBD minions, and make the trade deadline as fun as you can.

After the jump, more on today's game against the Montreal Canadiens, more trade deadline rumors and all the fun things fans have thought to throw on the ice over the years.

  • We'll have more about him later today, but this is a nice read about how Ryan Garbutt has made a good impression in his first two NHL games. [ESPN Dallas]
  • The good news - both Sheldon Souray and Jamie Benn skated on Monday and should return sometime this week. The bad news - it won't be tonight. []
  • Brandon's new favorite prospect in the Stars system, Reilly Smith, got a pretty nice write up from the official site. []
  • USA Today has put together its top 10 intriguing names that might be moved at the trade deadline, and the Stars are nowhere in sight. [USA Today]
  • This is the first I've seen of this story, though god knows I might have missed it somewhere. But the father of New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, Denis, was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this month. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Ever wonder what happens to the money fined and suspended players have to fork over to the NHL? This is a really interesting story about the player's emergency relief fund and some of the good things it does with that money. It's easy to forget that until the early 1990s, players made an average salary around $250,000. When you consider the average career lasts 4-6 years at the NHL level, there's a large chunk of pretty talented guys out there who never got the chance to build a nest egg like today's players. [ESPN]
  • The journey back from a concussion is an unpredictable one, but Brad Richards tried to help new New York Rangers teammate Marc Staal through his prolonged recovery this summer and fall. [New York Times]
  • Meet the enemy, part the first: The Canadiens have not been playing well lately, and even that might be too kind. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Meet the enemy, part the second: Our friends over at Habs Eyes On The Prize are struggling with the same questions Stars fans are right now, centering around if their team is really done or has one last, desperate chance. [Habs Eyes On The Prize]
  • Meet the enemy, bonus bilingual edition: One guy who should be very, very revved up tonight is Mike Ribeiro. Because of the screwy scheduling, it will be the first game he's played in Quebec since being traded for Janne Niinimaa. The French media eagerly awaits his return. [ via Google Translate]
  • Around the Pacific Division: The Los Angeles Kings are the lede of what is always a fabulous 30 Thoughts column from CBC's Elliotte Friedman. The note that made me raise my eyebrows the most, though, was the fact that Patrick Kane may have been bandied about as trade bait in the recent past. []
  • I admit, I'm really a sucker for these hockey history pieces on Backhand Shelf. And hey, you too can learn about such great things as fans throwing chairs at opposing players, stealing sticks and just generally behaving badly. Remember that when people start talking about how the sport is losing all its class. [Backhand Shelf]
  • No Stars video for you today, and I admit this is a little bit of a commercial for what I believe to be a Canadian tea company. But it's a pretty heartwarming little deal, and if made me spend the next half hour searching "blind hockey" to figure out how that actually works. To save you some time, check it out here.