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Defending Big D Uniform Survey: Results

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Starting in late January, Defending Big D, and myself in particular, set forth on a mission to poll Dallas Stars fans about the team's uniforms, with the goal of finding out exactly what the average fan thinks the team should be wearing on game days. Opinions weren't always a consensus, but the democratic process has finally given us something to run with.

First and foremost, the average Dallas Stars fan wants to see their hockey team in green sweaters with the classic primary STARS logo on the chest. Surprisingly, the majority of them want to see the team return to the general aesthetic of the Minnesota North Stars... a uniform that most of us down here have only seen in photographs and old videos.

Green sweaters with white shoulders and gold and black striping at home, with a white version of the same design on the road. The only negative feedback this concept really received was that some fans felt it looked too much like the San Jose Sharks. While it's true that the contrasting shoulder yokes are currently utilized on the Sharks uniforms, the Teal Fish are far from the only team to use them.

The North Stars traditionally had contrasting shoulders, as did the Edmonton Oilers. The Los Angeles Kings previous Reebok Edge sweaters also had them. They're so ingrained in the hockey aesthetic that every single team in Sega Genesis era EA Sports hockey suited up in pretty much the same template.

It's classic hockey, it's obviously something that the average Stars fan can relate to, and it's a look that this team once owned. Is it time to return? Looks like the Defending Big D community thinks so.

After the jump, you'll see the full uniform set that won the Defending Big D polls... but it's still very much open to debate, so don't consider this a final draft by any means.



All comments and critiques are more than welcome, as we try to hammer down the perfect uniform set for your Dallas Stars.

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