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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Struggling To Address Lack Of Energy From Some

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DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 12:  Jonathan Quick #32 of the Los Angeles Kings in goal against Loui Eriksson #21 of the Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center on February 12, 2012 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 12: Jonathan Quick #32 of the Los Angeles Kings in goal against Loui Eriksson #21 of the Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center on February 12, 2012 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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While for the most part, the compete issues that have plagued the Dallas Stars on and off throughout the season weren't there against the Los Angeles Kings, a few players still stuck out to Glen Gulutzan.

And like any parent disappointed in a misbehaving child, he started sending the worst offenders to time out.

When asked about getting his players ready for games, especially big ones against teams in the playoff race, this is what he had to say.

"You’ve got to maybe take away ice time from guys who aren’t ready, and we tried to do that a little bit tonight. We had a few guys that were going and chugging. We need everybody going. We’ve done everything from no practices to practices to conserve energy, but at this time of the year you have to play a certain way. Guys have to be prepared to go. There’s no excuses for it. If we have to go in there and amp them up every night for games like this it will be tough."

If you look at the Stars individual time on ice from the game, you can kind of pick out who he might be referencing (hint: look at the defensemen).

After the jump, more on the Stars loss to the Kings, Steve Ott uses his Twitter powers for awesome and the always fun lacrosse-style goal.

  • Turnovers, though not as numerous as in some recent games, still managed to be the defining factor of Sunday's game. [ESPN Dallas]
  • I usually like Rick Gosselin's stuff, even when I can only ready two and a half paragraphs of it. But from the headline of this paywalled column, I can guess that he's asking for Steve Ott to be the guy who makes the difference for this team down the stretch. []
  • Most of the Los Angeles media (including the venerable Los Angeles Times) no longer travels with the Kings or Ducks, so coverage from their perspective is... limited. The best local stuff I could find game from the very solid L.A. Kings Insider. If you want quotes from the players, they're also available in separate entries. [LA Kings Insider]
  • Twitter can be used for both good and evil. Ott used it for greatness after the game to introduce us to a teenaged Mike Ribeiro and his mustache. [Twitter]
  • The interesting thing about these special teams stats to me was that this is the first time in a while that both the power play and the penalty kill have combined for such issues. Usually it's been one or the other. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Another defenseman is off the trade and free agent market as the Edmonton Oilers have reportedly agreed to a one-year, $1.5-ish million extension with veteran, defensive specialist Andy Sutton. [Edmonton Journal]
  • I had such high hopes for Brendan Shanahan, and he occasionally still dishes out a fair suspension. But Larry Brooks of the New York post is right that he's really started to try and find ways out of suspending guys for clearly illegal hits rather than just giving them the games they deserve. [New York Post]
  • Meet the enemy: If you're a pessimist, and judging by our game threads, many of you are, you'd say the fact that the Detroit Red Wings could set the NHL record for consecutive home victories against the Stars on Tuesday would be a bad prognostic sign. An optimist would say they're due for a home loss right about now, right? Right? [New York Times]
  • Around the Pacific Division: The St. Louis Blues got an assist from their special teams and from the return of Andy McDonald from a concussion as they defeated the San Jose Sharks 3-0. And the Anaheim Ducks got a hat trick from Corey Perry to lead them to a 5-3 win over Columbus Blue Jackets. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Los Angeles Times]
  • There are a few lacrosse-style goals in the minors each season, but few done with the slickness of this beauty from the Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL. [Puck Daddy]
  • Glen Gulutzan talks slow starts, a sense of urgency and everything else that's been ailing the Dallas Stars recently in his post-game comments.