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Defending Big D's Holiday Gift Guide: What Do Dallas Stars Fans Want This Year?

All I want for Christmas is....Jaromir Jagr?

Michal Beranek - iSport

Nearly every Christmas most Dallas Stars fans have something big to look forward to: a multitude of Stars shirts, jerseys, cups, sweaters and all sorts of other memorabilia. In fact, one of my favorite days of the year is when we all gather here on Christmas Day and show off our brand new Stars gear and then get ready for the next big game of the holiday season.

Of course, this season is different.

The NHL has decided to drop nothing but coal in our stocking.

While we used to look forward to all of the great Stars gear we'd receive or give to our family and friends; now, seeing a Stars sweatshirt coming out of the gift wrapping will bring feelings of sorrow, anger and regret.

This year is especially tough for Stars fans, as most are upset with the NHL as a whole but not necessarily the Stars. So, is it wrong for me to still be looking forward to perhaps getting this new Stars beer stein I've had my eye on?

What do Dallas Stars fans want for Christmas this year? We won't be getting any hockey at the AAC until mid-January, so perhaps all we can wish for is a deal to be reached and we finally get to root for the team we love.

You know what I want more than anything else this year? To see No. 68 skating on the ice in Dallas. That's all.