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Dallas Stars Overseas Update - Jaromir Jagr, Philip Larsen Excel in Europe

Alex Goligoski says more NHLers will depart for Europe if mediation does not aid the process.

Martin Rose

We all know exactly where the Dallas Stars are not these days. Trying to keep track of what they are doing can be a bit of a challenge.

As was the case in Plano, TX last month, there is a group of NHL players skating in Phoenix right now including Dallas Stars Trevor Daley, Steve Ott, Brenden Morrow, Vernon Fiddler, Ray Whitney, and perhaps others. (Details coming out of Phoenix are, unsurprisingly, limited)

Another group of Dallas Stars play on overseas. The list is still limited to just Jamie Benn, Jaromir Jagr, Tom Wandell, Stephane Robidas and Philip Larsen. As the lockout drags on, very probably into 2013, it is possible more may follow suit and get some games in whatever European leagues will have them.

A local sports anchor in Minnesota, Dave Schwartz, tweeted as much after speaking with Alex Goligoski recently.

Goligoski was named to the NHLPA's negotiating committee in the summer but his level of on-going involvement in the process is not well known.

Derek Roy, if previous time-tables are to be believed, should be ready to return to action. He's largely in Dallas, if his Twitter account is any indication, and good friends Mike Napoli.

Meanwhile Jaromir Jagr continues to lead the pack playing abroad, producing abundantly in the Czech league...

Team GP G A P "+/-" PIM
Benn Hamburg 15 7 8 15 2 6
Jagr HC Kladno 22 15 21 36 13 14
Wandell Severstal 14 1 4 5 -3 4
Robidas HIFK 14 2 3 5 -10 18
Larsen Lukko 18 5 6 11 +9 20
  • Jamie Benn continues his point-per-game pace with his new mates in Hamburg and has been healthy (knock on wood). If the interviews he's given are any indication he's rather enjoying himself in Germany, playing to crowds that sound like a college-like atmosphere there.
  • Jaromir Jagr overcame a brief groin/lower-body injury after sitting out a few games and continues tearing up the Czech league. He's third in the league in scoring and second in points per game among players who've played most of the season. He'll be in game shape when he gets here. If he ever gets here.
  • Tom Wandell has played just five games since we last checked in a month ago, adding his first goal and no assists. His turn in the KHL continues to be wholly unremarkable. Could a younger player with the Texas Stars usurp his NHL job when (if) the league resumes?
  • Stephane Robidas has seen his minus number double (now -10) since we last checked with him. Thoughtful analysis without having seen him play would be irresponsible and meaningless, so we'll leave it open for pondering.
  • Philip Larsen continues to shine with Lukko in the SM-Liiga (Finland). He's a top-20 scorer in that league among defensemen, with the 8th best plus/minus rating (+9) on the blue line. His points-per-game is also among the best in the league for a defenseman with a significant number of games played (Elite Prospects). SM-Liiga ->NHL scoring equivalencies may lag behind the KHL and Czech leagues, but I find it encouraging nonetheless.