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Defending Big D's 2012 Hockey Gif Tournament Extravaganza: The Nominations

With the lockout underway, we're going to kill some time by holding the first annual(?) Defending Big D Gif Tournament Extravaganza! All we need now are your nominations.

The lockout continues. We are still without hockey.

Well, NHL hockey at least.

We've found ways to get by, although we still haven't reached the point in time where canceled games would have happened yet. But we will; the league has "canceled the schedule" for the month of October, and November's games aren't very far away.

It's a situation that continues to get uglier and uglier and it seems a resolution is nowhere in sight.

But we can still celebrate the sport and the league we love, through the power of gifs.

That's right, the staple of the modern web -- and SB Nation -- is a great way for us to relive the greatest moments with the Dallas Stars and hockey, especially since the medium allows for absolutely no context to be given for the actual moment being shown.

Here's a good one that expresses how I feel about the lockout:


Over the next few weeks, we'll be going through the greatest hockey gifs of all time. But first we need nominations.

Below, in the comments sections, drop what you find to be the greatest hockey gifs you could possibly find. We'll narrow them down and hold a vote each week until we come to a consensus winner.


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